Liberty Bridge 11's

  • Workout Date - 01/07/2016
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Sponge Bob, Urkle, ATM, Bambi, Crisco, Soul Plane, Bed Pan, PETA, Bed Pan, FNG Matt Smith (Osteen), longbottom
  • AO -

The objective of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small male workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Some would suggest to grow we should alway be aware of how “hard” work outs are, especially if we have FNG’s.  We certainly want to grow and pass along the things that we have gained from our experiences in F3.   I agree to a point, but instead of worrying about the difficulty of the work out,  just make sure you structure it to accommodate those of varying fitness levels.   As Q you communicate the difficulty of a given exercise to those participating so that they know how to modify the exercise to match their fitness level.   I believe it very beneficial for those “new guys” to see others crushing the hard stuff, as sponge and crisco this am, to get inspired and to push their own fitness!  Enough said

Warm Up-  cause it is cold and my legs are weary from and evening 6 mile interval run.

SSH x 20 IC; predator Jacks x 10 IC; Hill Billies x 21 IC; Slow 4 ct Merkins x 10 IC; LBC x 20 IC

Mosey to the Liberty Bridge for the main event

Liberty Bridge 11’s (sum of 2 exercises should = 11; start with 1:10, 2:9 … 10:1) each exercise will be performed at each end of the bridge.  Yes that mean we will run 20 times for a total of 2 miles!

Smurf Jacks & Burppees (next time Burpees & Burpees)

Once complete pax will do following till the 6 is done

20 x dips / 15 x squats / 10 x merkins and keep repeating circuit

Circle up for Mary

20 butterfly sit-ups OYO

Air Humper medley: 10 x two legs / 10 x lt leg / 10 x rt leg all IC

back scratchers x 20 IC

Flutters x 25 IC

LBC x 20 IC

6 inches x 15 OYO

Indian Run back to PC

10 burpees OYO



Never really felt cold this morning.  YHC tried to keep all in motion at all times.  I heard more bubble chatter during mary than on on the liberty 11’s.  I guess if most were like YHC, you were gasping for O2.


4 Days left to get your F3 Kathmandu shirtRegister for the drifter 6k before 1/7 to guarantee a shirt. F3 discount code is “F3”.

1/23 upstate convergence 7 am upwards center
Swamp Rabbit Half – 2.27 (Bueller)


Calendo and heart issues

juggernaut and his family

As always it was an honor to serve and to lead this fine group of men!

LB- Out

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