Liberty 575ish

  • Workout Date - 05/22/2017
  • Q In Charge - Uncle Remus
  • The PAX - Pacer, Road Trip, Slick Willy, Ditka, Cosmo, Data, Mud Puppy, Brutus, Uncle Remus (YHC)
  • AO -

9 men showed out for another edition of #Matinee in the delightful noonday heat.

YHC running late – Data warmup up the pax with:
SSH x15
IW x15
windmills x15

I’m here, I’m warm – let’s do this thang:

Liberty 5xx:
Each responsible for 100 of the following movements:
2 ct. flutter kicks

5 burpees at the top of the circle on the other side of the bridge and another 5 after crossing line on the way back across bridge

mosey back to the flag
1:30 of low plank facing downhill
recover – done.

One last Sim before the F3 Custom Ruck to be held at Conastee on Sunday 5/28. Time TBD.

Prayers for Pacers Aunt and YHCs brother dealing with cancer and chemo.

Any PAX showing up to #Matinee from here until it starts getting cooler in November is encouraged to bring H2O – its only going to get hotter.

Awesome work!

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