Liberty 500 for the win

  • Workout Date - 03/29/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Handy Manny, Mr. Winslow, Stewie, Double Windsor, Whoopie, Spackler, Dolly, Peabody, Rerun, Pedialyte, Malpractice, Dinghy, Soul Plane, San Diago, Dunphey, Clipon, FNG Blatter (Freddie)
  • AO -

Weather was quite deceiving this AM.  You think it’s gonna be warm and then step outside and feel the chill of early Spring lingering around.  It was foolish enough that our warm weather doctors (Pedialyte and Malpractice) still made it out to join 16 of their friends (including 1 FNG) for some Spongeworthy treatment.

SSH X 20
Debbies X 15
Merkins X 10

Mosey down to Liberty bridge

The Thang
Liberty 500
Partner 1 exercises, P2 runs the bridge and back
Keep going until each partner completes 100 of each exercise
100 X Merkins
100 X Squats
100 X Air Humpers
100 X Lunges
100 X Debbies #crowdpleaser

Very quiet during the whole process until everyone got to feel the sneaky joy of Debbie’s after doing 300 reps of legs.

Mosey back up to the flag

Russian Twists X 15 slow count
Backwards Crunches X 15
Back stretch

Naked Moleskin
– FNG One and Dunphey showed up on time today (5:18) per the usual.  Beat San Diago in most of the exercises
– Stewie wanted to maintain eye contact with YHC during the Air Humpers
– Double Windsor is back and fast as usual
– Peabody was down from Charlotte.  Welcome down Brother!
– Handy Manny on the calendar for Thursday.  Thanks for stepping up brother.
– HOG day 4/30 – sign up and participate with F3 & Homes of Hope (2.0 Friendly)
– Prayers and help needed for Officer Jacobs’ family

~Tickle it

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