Liberty 4.0

  • Workout Date - 10/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Latka
  • The PAX - Zoila, Stewie, Latka
  • AO -

The threat of rain must have scared off some rabbits this morning, as only three faithful pax got out of bed to get better at ACES.  Turned out to be perfect conditions – cool, breezy, and dry.

Mosey down Faris to Augusta to Jones.

Stop at the intersection of Watts for LBCs x 20 and Backscratchers x 20.

Mosey downtown, across the Liberty Bridge (uncharted territory for ACES) for Merkins x 10 and Squats x 20.  #stillsorefromTheMurph

Mosey back up Jones to Watts for more Merkins x 10 and Squats x 20.

Mosey back to ACES for some Mary: Dying Cockroach x 20, Air Humpers x 20, Heels To Heaven x 20, Dolly x 20.


-An even 4.0 miles today at a brisk conversational pace.

-Beautiful morning to run across the Falls.  Zoila loves Greenville.

-Great conversation amongst friends about Halloween, football, and pooping.

-Spinx Runfest this Sat.  Good luck to all the participants.

-Prayers for the Schroder family who lost a loved one, and for Zoila’s uncle’s mental health.

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