Let's Try That!

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

9 men gathered in the park for a midday beatdown.  I read Iceman’s BB from Main Thang earlier in the week and was captivated by the People’s Indian Run – he didn’t fully capture the suck that it is.


Smurf Jacks x20

ISW x10

Overhead claps x25


The Thang:

Indian Run to Wyche Pavillion

People’s Indian Run: (Thank you for this, Iceman)

PAX assume the people’s chair. Guy on the end does 10 merkins

bear crawls to the front of the line.  1 length of long wall against river


Ring of Fire:

Merkins up to 7 and back down – this makes for an incredibly long plank… FARTS its painful!


People’s Indian Run:

½  length of long wall against river


Mosey to lawn in front of TD stage:


Moving PAX run to top of stairs by Peace Center and back down

Mosey back to the flag


45 sec hold 6

Dying cockroach x10

30 sec low plank



Continued prayers for Teddy Bear’s father and brother still dealing with cancer.  YHC’s brother is currently undergoing chemo getting ready for the next round of surgery to remove more cancer from his liver & pancreas.  Also lifting up the brother of one of YHC’s close friend’s brother who was T-boned on a motorcycle over the weekend and is still fighting to come back to us.


Moonshine 5K @ Paris Mountain is this Friday (9/16) @ 8 p.m.  Looks to be a pretty fun trail race!

T-claps to the F3 Teams who completed the BRR this weekend.  Its a feat of endurance to go thru for sure!  Good work, brothers!


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