Let's play cards F3 style

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Hook & Ladder
  • The PAX - Gluten (RESPECT), Brown Shorts, Crunchie, Boomhower, P square, Poodle, Steamer, Ukelis, Roid, Quaker RESPECT), Seal
  • AO -

12 brothers of the gloom left the warmth of the fartsack to begin their week out right at the #Powderkeg. The PAX rounded the corner to see some of the carnival rides were left from the fall festival the day before. Easy guys no ferris wheel rides today but we will play a game of cards.


Walk, Mosey, Skip or Shuffle to the block pile to retrieve your workout partner.

The Thang:

YHC brought out a small table and a deck of cards and the #mumblechatter began. On the table was a list of workouts that had a corresponding suit. The PAX took turns turning a card over from the top to find out which workout would be done, reps were determined from the # on the card.

The List

Hearts – Merkins
Spades – Good Morning Abby (description below)
Diamonds – Squat to Press w/ coupon
Clubs – Curls to Tricep Extensions w/ coupon
Jacks – SSH X 10 double count
Queen – Flutter X 10 double count
King – Sidelunge w/ coupon X 10 each side
Ace – Carolina Dry Docks X 10
Jokers – Burpees X 10

This workout really brought out the #mumblechatter. YHC tried to keep this a 0.0 but the PAX started asking “when do we run?” Alright guys speed up the reps so we can grant your wish. Less than 15 minutes left but plenty of time for Indian Run around the church and down the hill. That was fun let’s keep it going back up the hill and down again to the bottom. “QIC dropped their light halfway up the hill I don’t think I want to know why” mumble mumble. Jailbreak up the hill to the light. Workout COMPLETE!!

Good Morning Abby went as follows
From a laying position, sit up and bring knees to chest, plant feet (crossed or side by side), stand straight up resist using hands for assistance (better with coupon)
Confused? Here is a video http://youtu.be/I-9ae-vYRW8

Tale of the Tape
55 Merkins
55 Good Morning Abbys
55 Squat Press
55 Curls
55 Tricep Extensions
80 SSH
80 Flutters
80 Sidelunges
50 Carolina Dry Docks (first set was double count)
20 Burpees

YHC tries to keep the workouts fresh and hopefully this one was enjoyed by all if not jump right in on the Q calendar and show us how it’s done, November is WIDE OPEN.


Roid’s father-in-law (health and soften his heart for the Lord)
Toolman health issues

YHC appreciates the recent prayers and accountability

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men
Colossians 3:23

Round 2 Thursday 0530 SHARP!!

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