Let’s Party

  • Workout Date - 09/13/2018
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Corn, FNG Robert - BagPipes, Inspector Gadget (WD), Slow Pitch, PETA, Squints, Sherpa, Bartman, Libor, Satisfry, Stewie, Rainbow Warrier, Clapper, Hootie, Houdini, Pizza Pizza, Erector, Iceman, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Junk Bond, Skyline
  • AO - Main Thang

23 Men (including 1 FNG) posted at #MainThang for a birthday celebration.

The Thang
SSH x20 just because Dini likes them so much
Tempo Merkins x10, down and hold for 10 sec
Temp0 Squats x15

Mosey to corner of McBee and Spring St and find some wall – funny because almost everyone assumed the “dip” position #pavlovsbell
Jack Webb
Derkins and air presses – 1:4 ratio up to 5:20

Mosey across the street to parking deck and partner up
Catch Me If You Can
Partner 1 – 10 plank shoulder touches, sprint to catch partner
Parnter 2 – backwards run
Flapjack and repeat all.the.way.to.the.top

At the top – Jack the Ripper
Big Boy Sit Ups and Freddy Mercuries – 1:4 ratio up to 5:20

Carioca down the ramps and mosey to the parking deck behind the Poinsett Hotel
Burpee Builder
10 Hand release merkins, run to the next level
10 donkey kicks, run to the next level
10 jump squats, stay put
early finishers worked on core

Burpee Builder part deaux
10 HR merkins, run to the next level
10 HR merkins, 10 donkey kicks, run to the next level
10 HR merkins, 10 donkey kicks, 10 jump squats

Mosey down the steps and back to the Peace Center

Single Leg Flutters x10 (ea leg)
Plank for 60 secs


Naked Moleskin
– Dini had both #cankle sleeves on and was 0 for 2 on suggestions as we ignored Dini’s call for #Dora and #11’s

And then ignored his FNG name suggestion….

– @Slow Pitch is anything but slow. Dude can crank out some reps
– @PETA showed up post warmup, looking and smelling like he never went to bed Wed night
– @Rainbow Warrior looked lost without his Rainbow Twin – Dash
– @HotNReady dodge my Q again!! Seems personal to me…. Seriously, hope you’re shoulder is on the mend…..

– @InspectorGadget’s Mother and Brother in Law
– @Squints as he travels back to Colorado
– All the people in the path of Hurricane Florence

See ya in the gloom…..


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