Let the Games Begin!

  • Workout Date - 03/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Eppe, Biofreeze, Spring Break, Mrs. Doubtfire, Training Wheels, Alejandro, Cockroach, Blue Hawaii, Wally, Oui Oui, Grrr, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

12 PAX showed up at The Station to play hard this morning. The conditions were perfect for a schoolyard beatdown. Here’s how it went.
Warm Up:
10 Merkins IC
20 Russian Twist IC
20 Leg Extended Jumps OYO

The Main Thang:
Game #1
The River of Merkins
Take the fire hoses and lay down parallel to each other, 3 feet apart (this is the river). Start running the loop around the field and cut across towards the River and do a running jump across it. The last 2 PAX across River move the hoses 1 foot further apart. Run another lap and rinse and repeat jumping the River. If you do not make the jump across, you land in the River of Merkins. Peform 20 Merkins, 20 Derkins, 20 Werkins OYO, rinse and repeat until all PAX have landed in the River. T-Claps to Training Wheels for showing all the PAX up with his mad hops! T-Claps also to Eppe for bringing such a great idea to the table, it was great!

Game #2
Burpee Tag & Minnows
Create boundaries about 50 ft x 50 ft. 1 PAX starts as “It.” Once he tags another PAX, they drop for: 5 Burpees for round 1, 10 burpees for round 2 (plus we expanded the playing field), 15 Burpees for round 3. Once tagged they too are “It.” Now there are two “Its.” You continue to pick off the PAX until the last one is tagged, and then the last one tagged is “It” for the start of round 2. The game continues on as so. Exhausting for the 1st “It,” but this is F3, not supposed to be restful.
During play of game The Station is known for it’s trains..pause game for 10 Burpees OYO

Game #3
35 yard Crawl/Jump/Dash
Line the hoses up parallel to each other, 35 yards apart.
Round 1:
Bear crawl across 35 yard field, 5 Fairy Jacks, Sprint back to other side
Lunge walk across field, 5 Fairy Jacks, Sprint back to other side
Crab walk across field, 5 Fairy Jacks, Sprint back to other side
As before mentioned…The Station is known for it’s trains..pause game for 10 Burpees OYO
After sprinting back after crab walks, Plank-o-rama while we wait for PAX.
20 Shoulder Taps IC
20 Heels to Heaven IC
Round 2:
Broad Jump across 35 yard field, 5 Plank Jacks, Sprint back to other side
Army crawl across field, Plank Jacks, Sprint back to other side
Gorilla walk across field, 5 Plank Jacks, Sprint back to other side
Plank-o-rama while we wait for PAX

20 Dead Cockroach IC
20 Erectors IC
20 Big Boy Sit Ups OYO
15 Merkins IC


April 11th Mud Run- we have to get some more PAX- just a couple. HC today!

March 26th- F2 event at Wild Ace in downtown Greer. 11:30 am- join em’

Eppe’s daughter did St. Baldrics this past weekend, raised over $2700. Awesome!

Blue Hawaii is working on doing March Madness deal for 2016 raising money through a type of basketball contest to raise money for Cleft Pallette/Lip awareness and cures. He is building a committee and if interested talk to him.

There was March Madness Bracket for $10 for 2015, going to F3 Foundation. No cash pot, all proceeds going to F3.

Prayers for our Brother Footloose, dealing w/ crazy back/neck issues- healing, strength, and getting him back in the gloom.

Pray for Brother Perry Mason about his knee- finding out w/ MRI this week- healing on him and positive outlook

Pray for Brother Nail Pop and his son Walker- starting CBC oil today and that it is overly effective in helping w/ healing.


That’s all folks. Good time playing in the gloom this morning. Look forward to the next one!

Have a blessed week!
Mab Mab

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