Let it Rain

  • Workout Date - 05/17/2018
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - War Daddy Whittle (T-respect with the Ruck), Brown Shorts, Boomhauer, Quickie, Clapper, Change Order, Carl's Jr., and Shiner. K-9 Fern
  • AO - Powder Keg

Day Before: Looking at the forecast the and seeing absolutely no chance of not getting rain, so YHC was feeling generous and made an awesome mix tape for a brutal 0.0 that could be completed under the shelter.

Day Of: Observations – NOT A DANG BIT OF RAIN so change of plans

The warm up:  I was planning on some easy SSH, but the PAX were not listening to the Q so, change of plans, 10 Burpees OYO!

Well back on course:

20 SSH I.C.  and a slow mosey to the dark corner of the parking lot, taking the long way.  Then 20 ‘merkins I.C. and 20 Mountain Climbers IC.

Another mosey to the picnic shelter for 10 pull-ups OYO, and 20 dips I.C.   Next YHC called the exercises there were planned to go with RUN DMC’s: Walk this way song.  20 lunges I.C., 20 squats OYO, and 20 step-ups.   Legs are shot so we rested them by doing 20 derkins, I was told they would make us look pretty. For some reason there is no air moving so we needed to get back on the move.  Mosey to the Basketball court for 20 American hammer’s I.C. and 20 Freddie Mercury’s I.C. Next, some little arm circles (front and back), then some big arm circles (front and back) then some air presses.  Harder than it sounds but not hard enough mosey to the bottom of the steps for some Joe Hendrix up the steps with Lunges in between and our first fly over and 10 burpee salute.

Now that we got to the top lets do some calf raises,  10 normal, 10 toes out, 10 toes in.  Then back on the six for 20 flutter I.C., which was clearly not enough based on the PAX so 20 more flutters I.C. and 20 LBC’s.  So mosey to back to the flag and our next fly over with a 10 burpee salute.

Now back to the flag for 20 I.W. and 20 Hill Billies I.C., that was planned to go along with “Bringing Sexy Back”  haha.  Then 5 hand release ‘merkins to wrap up.

A:  0600 clown car to Padre Convergence 5/19/18

Hero’s Clemson 5K next Saturday 5/26/18

June 2nd is Saluda Valley 5k

June 9th Dave’s run, in Anderson (F3 discount code)

Carl’s Jr’s Gyro is awesome. Two F3 recommendations


P: Hurricane Alley’s baby needs prays

Quickie’s friend (Randy Hooper) lost his wife

Brown Shorts Mom is in rehab facility, but has Cancer

Shiners dad in rehab facility too

As always it is a pleasure and a honor to lead you men!




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