less slow, more go… less bore, more core…

  • Workout Date - 12/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Squints
  • The PAX - Aflac, Sanchez, Clapper, Squeal, Squints (YHC)
  • AO -

5 PAX braved the pouring rain on Tuesday, 12/29 at the Tank Yard… oh, wait, #fartsackers, that was the other 23 hours of tuesday…  as it turns out, the Tankyardigans had fine weather, if a bit damp and humid, for a core and ‘merkins suckfest.  YHC originally planned nothing but mosey and core, but decided to branch out.  As is typical for the Tank Yard, lots of #mumblechatter to begin with but more focus as the workout continued.

The Thang:


Warm Up: (all IC) SSHx20, IWx20, Windmillx20, Morning Gloryx20

Mosey to BBALL bathrooms for hip slappers x 20

Mosey to Ramp for Double Dora (4 rounds)

Top- Big Boy Sit-ups x 5/Bottom- Merkins x 10 (reg, Wide, Diamond, superman)


Mosey to Playground break into two groups, alternating

  1. Chinups x 3 plus hamster wheel lap
  2. Dbl count Shoulder touch Swerkins x5 (these might suck too much to show back up)
  3. R&R x 3


Mosey to Courts for 4 corners (OYO with burpees at each corner until rally)

  1. Alternating side-plank Merkins 10 4-count oyo
  2. Aquaman x 10 dbl ct
  3. Pretzel Crunch x 20
  4. PlankJacks x 20
  5. R&R x4 (with an impromptu jailbreaks by Squeal and Aflac!)

MARY at Courts (Rosalita, Heels to Heaven, Flutter)

Circle Up

Announcements: Pitchfork Convergence 1/1/16,

Prayers: Sanchez’s friend and mentor for continued recovery, Sanchez’s friend on the loss of both of her parents this year, YHC’s parents for continued strength and determination in recovery, Prayers for guidance in the new year.

I hope you guys enjoyed it at least as much as I did.


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