Legacy – The Nasty 50…..AGAIN!

  • Workout Date - 03/30/2013
  • Q In Charge - One Direction
  • The PAX - IceMan, Chowda (WB), EarthMover (WD), Plummer, Longbottom, Jordache, Debit, DriveThru, Belk
  • AO -

10 PAX rolled out into the gloom…..wait, NO GLOOM!  Today was the best morning we have ever seen at Legacy.



SSH x 31

IW x 21

Mosey over to the short wall for……A NASTY 50!  Once it was explained to everyone, time for the Pain!

Dips x 50 (IC)

Derkins x 50 (IC) (Belk, are you out of your mind?)

Squats x 50 (IC)

LBCs x 50 (4C)

Mountain Climbers x 50 (4C)

Lunge Walks x 50 (IC)

Dollys x 50 (4C)

Merkins x 50 (IC)

Flutters x 50 (4C)

SSH x 50 (4C)

Mosey to the Field of Dreams (Three trees that look like First, Second, and Third Base).

Run to each tree for a Single (Merkins x 10), a Double (Squats x 10), a Triple (Mountain Climbers x 10), and a Four Bagger (Burpees x 10)

Plank for Recovery.  Mosey up to the street for an Indian Run around the Hood.  Ended up at the Pond!

Lightpole Fartlek around the pond.  Recovery Lap

Up the stairs to the grassy knoll for ….

Jacob’s Ladder to 7.  Bear Crawl up with Burpees (chosen by Debit) at the top.  FEBA!

Plank-o-rama to allow heart rate recovery.  Right into a North Cack-o-lacky Railroad x 1

To “THE HILL” for partner team carry up.  Switch-a-roo.  Mosey back up to the top.

Q to IceMan for 6 MOM.  As we were moseying to base, Belk asked to have MOM in the Sandbox, so, Iceman, into the sand!

  • Partner throwdowns x 4.  Switch.
  • Rosalitas x 20
  • Starfish x 10
  • Lateral LBCs x 10




Great to have DriveThru and Belk visiting from the North.

Longbottom soft-committed to the BRR on Sept. 6 & 7.  We need more guys to step up.  It will be a great chance to build the 2nd F with a little of the 1st F!

Legacy and all of @SwampRabbit wish everyone a Happy Easter.  Remember what tomorrow means and enjoy the day with your families.

For the record, THE NASTY 50 is for Real!  Try it at your local workout.  Choose any 10 exercises, just don’t stop in between.





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