Legacy – Jacob (He Love me Long Time)

  • Workout Date - 03/23/2013
  • Q In Charge - OneDirection & Egypt
  • The PAX - WiFi, Petrino (WD), Egypt (WB), EarthMover, Freeze Dry, Spurrier**
  • AO -

7 dedicated faithful posted today at the SF, stuck in the cold, wet ball!



SSHx 30

IW x 20

Mosey to the main field as Petrino arrives LATE!  Pick him up on the way with plenty of MumbleChatter.

Start out right today!

DocWebb pyramids up to seven with 1:4 ratio of Merkins and air presses on the way up; Werkins on the way down.  That’s 196 air presses!  FEBA

Mosey to the pond.  Light pole fartlek around the pond.  Sprint/Recovery at each pole.  Plank!

Mosey to the hill for linked arm, backwards Jacob’s Ladder to 7 with squats at the top.  Legs…..not…..working!

Mosey to the BIG HILL for ANOTHER JACOB”S LADDER to 7!  This time, a 150m run uphill with one-legged burpees at the top.  Smoke Boots!  Egypt pointed out that this hill “was strong”


Hand the Q to Egypt as our Guest from the North.

“8s” on the wall with jump-ups and Derkins

Back to the pond for some moseying, backward moseying, lunge-walks, karaoke, and sprints to the stairs.  Sprint up the stairs.

Plank for a South Cack-o-lacky Railroad x 3.  We took offense and have renamed it a North Cack-o-lacky railroad.

Indian run back to the base

COP with Partner Donkey Kicks x 20.  Switch-a-roo.  Partner up for Derkins off your plankin’ partner (forgot the name).  Finally, some LBCs

Mosey back to the SF for 6MOM (Q back to 1D).

Bicycles x 10

Dollys x 10

Russian Twists x 10

LBCs x 10

Flutters x 10


COT & Closing Prayer



  • Great to have Egypt visiting family in Greenville.  Thanks for the 1/2Q.
  • BRR team being formed.  Spurrier is 2nd to HC (with $129 payment).  BTW, he hung around today and watched us get soaked, BUT he joined in for 6MOM in the end.  T-claps!!
  • Worth W. officially given his F3 name….EarthMover!
  • Hard day with TWO JACOB’S LADDERS!
  • We lifted OLB’s family up in Prayer.


1 thought on “Legacy – Jacob (He Love me Long Time)”

  1. Really enjoyed working out with the Swamp Rabbits. Thanks for throwing a 1/2-Q my way! Those partner plank push-ups are just called the ‘Partner Derkin.” We also did some Boone Lefts and Boone Rights – oblique crunches left and right. And your nasty linked-arm, backward JL will be appearing in the Charlotte area soon – good stuff! I’ll be back next time we’re in town.

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