Legacy Beast Ladder Debut

  • Workout Date - 07/19/2014
  • Q In Charge - Snowden
  • The PAX - Bill Nye, FNG-Brandon (Beruit), Scuba Steve, Double 00, Earth Mover, Big D, Punch Out, Megaphone, Advent, Wifi, Phil Dunphy, Epee, Grim Reaper, Nature Boy, Caviar, Flay, Footloose, Tesh, Electric City, Sasquatch, Posh Spice, Cobra Kai, Ahnold, Hedges, Handy Manny
  • AO -

The Better late than never Legacy Back Blast.  26 Men with several Spearhead Double Downers including 1-FNG Double Downer chose to play in the rain at Legacy on Saturday morning.  Just a week ago Snowden took the Q at the #MainThang and came up with the Beast Ladder workout as he pulled into the Peace Center. Following the workout my buddy @Iceman texted and said that was a great beatdown.  So Snowden figured why not bring it out to Legacy!  Below is what went down:

Warm Up:

SSH X 10 IC #snowdensshirtisshort

IW X 10 IC

Arm Circles X 10 IC (frontwards/backwards)

The Thang:

Beast Ladder – Mosey to bottom of hill in grassy knoll, run up hill to station 1 light poll perform exercises, run to station 2 park bench perform exercise, run to station 3 mailbox (oops #doggypoopbox) perform exercise, run to back to starting spot turn around and hit all 3 stations reverse, plank at bottom and wait for pax.  Repeat 4X and build the ladder.

Rd 1: Merkins X 10

Rd 2: Werkins X 10, Perfect Squats X 20

Rd 3: Diamond Merkins X 10, Perfect Squats X 20, LBC’s X 30 Burpee Broad Jump up hill to join Pax still going through Beast

Rd 4: Tricep Merkins X 10, Airhumpers X 20, LBC’s X 30, Flutters X 40 SC

Mosey to back of Grassy Knoll & Partner up for Superburpee Dora 1, 2, 3

Merkins X 100

MC X 200 SC

Squat Jumps X 300 #painhassetin

Line up in Plank position – 3…2….1…GO…Full tilt boogy jail break to flag for Mary #Flaymumblingatme

6 MOM: – 30 sec intervals of core exercises



In and Outs #snowdenfail

Leg Throws

Back Scratchers


-Mud Run sign up back open, get with Flay

-Lifting up all the prayers and brothers in silence

-Burbs has split and now have added a Monday workout at Aldersgate #TheGate

-Aug. 9th launch of #TheStation at Greer City Park in downtown Greer

-Personal Note: YHC needs to apologize for getting this back blast out so late and turned his dang phone off while we were doing the COT.  Totally my bad and sorry that this write up is so slack and late.  Will improve.  It’s an honor to lead the PAX each and everytime, but Legacy just has that special feel to it when we all come together.  Shout out to the Spearhead guys that continue to come down and lead their workout here for the Rabbits.  We continue to grow as a F3 workout group, but also as men together making each and everyone of us better.  You have all made me a better man and I can not thank you enough for it!  See you in the Gloom Soon!



Snowden OUT!

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