Legacy Around the Block

  • Workout Date - 04/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - THE Hardhat, Soul Plane (WD, Double RESPECT), FNG Symbol, Bill Nye (WB), Tree Spike, Spackler, THE Tickler, EM
  • AO -

8 pax including 1 FNG gathered on a beautiful Saturday to continue to #makelegacygreat. No official Q on the calendar so YHC took the lead (with a lot of help). TreeSpike and Spackler ran to the workout…uh oh.. we’re running some more.

Disclaimer and Mission Statement for FNG.


Let’s mosey. We’re going to run around “the block”. Head out Rocky Slope towards Woodruff. Stop for 10 merkins OYO. Running past the new subdivision and notice a couple of tires just sitting there looking for attention. Each Pax gets to flip a tire 5 times and carry it back. Rinse and repeat.

Continue down Rocky Slope to parking lot at corner of Woodruff. Backwards run up the hill a few times. Air presses at top. Continue down Woodruff stopping a few times for rows on some rails along with some squats. Head in to parking lot at Old Tyme Pottery for lunges. Other stops included Taco Bell, “The Big American Flag” where we recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Bi-Lo for some core work. Head down Verdae. Stopped for burpees. Turned back into Hollingsworth for more shenanigans. End up at bottom of 1D Hill then jail break back to start.

Dollies-regular and each leg
5 superman burpees OYO for the #F3HTL brothers.

Strava says 3.5 miles.

Welcome “Symbol” (Dan Holloway). Named in memory of Prince. We’ll make it harder for you next time to see if you actually break a sweat! TClaps
Next Saturday is MudRun and HOG Day.

Always a pleasure! SYITG


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