Legacy – 5 Drag Queens

  • Workout Date - 04/13/2013
  • Q In Charge - One Direction
  • The PAX - IceMan, Baby Nate, Grunge, Jordache
  • AO -

5 PAX rolled out of the Fartsack today for an Epic workout that was missed by MANY!



SSH x 25

IW x 26

Mosey to the Fern and find some wall.

Merkins x 10, followed by 5 over-and-backs on the wall.

Werkins x 10, over-and-backs x 5 (minor flesh wound for 1D)

SpiderMan Left x 10, over-and backs x 5

SpiderMan Right x 10, over-and-backs x 5

Look what we found…..20lb Sandbags  (WITH HANDLES)

Sandbag squats x 10.  Sprint to corner.  Repeat twice more.

North Cack-o-Lacky Railroad, followed by Quick Feet side hops through the Sandbags x 3

Lap around the building.

Grab some rail for Erkins x 10

Drag Queens x 8.  Drag Queens are Merkins where you drag the Sandbag under your body between each down movement.

Lap around the building.  Stop for an 8 touch Suicide.

Grab rail for SpiderMan Left Erkins x 10; SpiderMan Right Erkins x 10.

Sideout Merkins off of Sandbag x 10 (5 each side).

Lap around building with Sprint on the backside)

Grab Rail.  Marine style Erkins x 10

3 sets of People’s Chair x 30 seconds, followed by Sandbag Cleans x 10.

Straight Leg Sandbag Deadlifts x 10

Sandbag Curls x 10

Lap around the building with Sprint.

Drag Queens x 10

Sideout Merkins x 12 (6 each side).

Sandbags Away.

Jack Webb Pyramid Up to 5 and back down.


  • Slutters (Slow, High Flutters)
  • Dollys x 20
  • Popsicles for 15 Seconds x 3
  • Flutters x 20




Well, the Sandbags were an amazing discovery.  We only hope that they are there each week.

1D will survive from his flesh wound.

Prayers for ALL of our F3 Brethren, especially Nippler.

Today could be the best workout at Legacy to date!

Closing Prayer


AYE!  Smoke Boots!

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