Leg Day at the Pitchfork

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  • Workout Date - 07/11/2015
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Wifi, Soccer Mom, Obama, Hooch (WB), Padre, Hulk Smash (WD), Whisper, Bambi, Strawberry Hill, Third Base, ATM, Cool Breeze
  • AO -

1. Sorry for the late post, but at least we actually got it up. Amazing how much time the 2.0’s take during the summer. Blink and the day, no, the weekend is gone. Nice to get back to work where I can do more important stuff or something like that

2. Yes, it was YHCs 2nd F3 Anniversary. Didn’t even realize it when I signed up to Q as we continue the launch of the Pitchfork. then I did the math and realized… Speaking of time flying, but I can’t think of a better place to celebrate 2 years and re-dedicate myself to what we do #ISI.

3. Speaking of dedication: Swamp Rabbit is experiencing some good growth currently, in spite of the sauna-like conditions. A lot of the credit for that goes to the effort that Bambi has put forth out in the Five Forks area. We’ve finally tapped this major population hub and I have no doubt that it will not be long before there’s another split to an AO across Woodruff.

4. Speaking of growth: it doesn’t just pertain to numbers, but what each PAX is working on to get better, every day. If you’re not working, if you’re not struggling, then you’re not accelerating. If you’re not accelerating, you’re falling behind. Take it from somebody who’s better than he was two years ago, but not as good as he was one year ago. We have our sound bites and taglines about a daily #Downpainment and #DRP, but they’re more than catchy phrases. It takes that commitment, of mind, body, and spirit, and it’s easy to start to slide backwards. Aye.

13 weirdos circled up in some soupy Gloom to see what two years meant to YHC. Many of the local Pitchforkers sported wifebeater undershirts.

Like I said… Weirdos….

After heavy upper body work from Snowden and Semper this week it was time for YHC to focus elsewhere. As they say, friends don’t let friends skip Leg Day. Here’s what went down:


BLIMPS on Q’s count (no flying squirrels on the burpees or racing to get done. The theme for today was everybody starts and FINISHES together)


Smurfjacks x 20 IC

Monkeyhumpers x 10 IC

Fire hydrants x 15 IC each leg

Erectors x 20 IC

Monkeyhumpers x 10 IC

Mosey to the Track

Catch me if you Can

Partner 1 does 15 bigboy situps Partner 2 LOW lunge walks the track. Partner 1 backpedals to catch Partner 2 flapjack all around the track. Once you’re done, mosey back to the six and complete their round with them. Everybody together.


Brokeback Mountain

1 minute x 2

Mumblechatter kicks into high gear with some previously unknown verses of Li’l Bunny FooFoo courtesy of Third Base

Circle up


Flutters x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

Dying Cockroach x 20 IC

Windshield Wiper #crowdpleaser


Dan Taylor

Up to 10 Squats/40 lunges

Mosey back to the flag and circle up

Stretch it out



  • Great group and energy out here. Can’t say it enough, but keep that burn to spread the word hot. Remember the Mission: Plant. Serve. GROW.
  • Remember that grow also pertains to you. If you’re not getting better, you’re going backwards. I can attest to that. Give yourself a goal to reach for, hit it, and pick another one. Take it from me: even showing up 5 times a week at a workout, you can become complacent.
  • Good words from Hulk Smash to the “young’uns” not to let yourself slide and stick with it.
  • Good discussion about diversity, who F3 is meant for (ALL MEN) and who it typically ends up touching (men that look like us).
  • Prayers for Snowden and his family
  • Prayers for the family of Soccer Mom’s employee
  • Prayers for Hulk Smash as he leads VBS this week
  • Praise for Third Base’s mom
  • All the prayers/praise that slipped YHC’s mind or went unsaid

As always, it’s an honor and a pleasure, brothers, and thank you for being you. Keep it up.

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