Leap Day at the Keg

  • Workout Date - 02/29/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whoopee
  • The PAX - Gluten, Keystone, Quaker, RedWire, FlowRider, Missing, Tiny Dancer, Shiner, Quickie, Duplo, Slug, Boomhauer, Lake Effect, Inspector Gadget, 12th Man, Gauge, Youkilis, (One-Armed) Seal, Mr. Burns, Padre, Brown Shorts, Whoopee (YHC)
  • AO -

Twenty-two pax avoided the fartsack to post on Leap Day at the Powderkeg today.  YHC had the honor and privilege of Q’ing the Keg today.

Lotta pax here this morning – Welcome back Shiner from IR.  There was also a broken wing Seal sighting in the gloom this morning.

This being leap day, YHC had toyed with the idea of an all burpee workout, but pulled an audible right before workout start.


Windmills x 15, SSH x 29 (29th of February – get it?), Merkins x 12, IW x 15

Yes, it is a bit nefarious to pick non-multiples of 10 to do exercises……….

The Thang:

Mosey around church

Plank up for the six, then Burpees x 10; mosey some more

Jump Squats x 10; mosey some more (this time backwards up the hill)

Burpees x 10; mosey some more

Al Gore for the six, then Jump squats x 10; mosey some more

Burpees x 10; mosey some more

Jump squats x 10; mosey some more (backwards run again)

Flutter kicks IC x 20something – mosey

Jump squats x 10; mosey to bottom of parking lot stairs and then

Burpees x 10, then Joe Hendricks up the stairs (3 sets) with bear crawl in between (20 yards) – stopping for another Burpees x 10 because of a fly-over; #crowdpleaser and #mumblechatterkiller

At top terrace in front of church, Boxcutters and reverse boxcutters x 20 something; dying cockroach x 15 or so, all IC, then mosey around back of church for 10 more burpees, mosey around the church then jailbreak to the flag for..

4 MOM (Pretzel crunches, rosalita 90, rosalita 45, flutters, lbc’s)

End with 10 more burpees and 10 more jump squats.

Essentially, 1.4 miles of running with a just a few burpees and squats, sure I left out a few here or there.

Random Observations:

  1. Kudos to Seal for showing up and doing a bunch of squats and one armed merkins and burpees.  Taking the DRP one-armed – well played brother.
  2. Remember your watch and phone when you are the Q – they come in handy.
  3. Padre is the only pax disappointed when you “only” do 70 or 80 burpees at a workout.


Announcements: 4/30 Mud Run, 4/2 Conestee Run, 4/23 Reedy River Run

Prayers and Praise:

IG – close call on the highway that could have been really bad

Boomhauer – coworker recovery

Tiny Dancer – missing Scout from Scout Troop found safe

Slug – new job; neighbor with kidney issues, and Navy interview

SYITG next time…..

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