LBC/Burpee Bent Ladder of Suck

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  • Workout Date - 02/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Hook & Ladder, YouKillis, Quaker, Toolman (Kotters), Brown Shorts, Inspector Gadget, Cabin Fever, Gluten (WD), Boomhauer, Keystone, Swift (WB), Gut Shot
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13 men ignored the weatherman and accepted my challenge to post for an LBC heavy make-up day. YHC has been slack on the #10kF3LBCs challenge up until these last 10 days. Major push to get it done. And then YHC bought a CASE of Girl Scout thin mints from Brown Shorts and lost total self control this weekend #Bingeeater. All that posted helped me burn those 7000+ calories I consumed. Thankfully, the weather cooperated long enough to get the full workout in.


SSH x25 IC,  IW x25 IC, Windmill x25 IC (H&L getting all dizzy now!)

The Thang that sucked so bad:

Bent ladder with burpees at the bottom and LBCs at the top, 1:10 ratio. Two flights of stairs (or the grass hill if you preferred) in between. Top of ladder was 10 burpess/100 LBCs. Then back down. If you got all the way through the routine, it worked out to 100 burpees and 1000 LBCs in 40 minutes. High Knees until every one was done or time was up.

We jammed to some cool tunes that was our time keeper. 40 minute playlist with:

Relax-Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Safety Dance-Men without Hats

Turning Japanese-The Vapors

Everybody dance now-C&C music factory

I’m too sexy-Right said Fred

Jump Around-House of Pain

Tainted love-Soft Cell

Wake me up before you go go-Wham

Whip it-Devo

How soon is now-The Smiths

Lot’s of positive #mumblechatter throughout routine. Time flew by. We were smoked at the end. No Mary. Boomhauer tried a LIFO during COT, but was to smoked to find his car. Really! The High Knees was brought in to help YHC condition himself for upcoming hog hunt in the swamps of the Savannah National Wildlife refuge, where I’ll be spending 3 days trudging through muck and sloughs with a rifle, pack, and an itchy trigger finger. Hoahh!



Q school tomorrow at Main Thang 0530 hrs.

Saturday is Hartsville Launch. See IG for details.

USMC Mud Run sign ups need to come in soon. March 1 deadline for $55 price. Join Hook & Ladder and YHC for this F3 strong event.

We are going to launch Williamston soon and YHC is going to launch a Friday or Saturday night workout. Details forthcoming.

Shamrock Shuffle on March 14th.

Prayers for all those heard and unheard today. Sick families and traveling woes especially.

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