Lazy DORA not so LAZY

  • Workout Date - 01/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - Quickie
  • The PAX - Transporter,The Crow,Ghost Rider,Sir Mix It,FNG (Chilly Willy) Alan Nelson and YHC
  • AO -

6 PAX including 1 FNG showed up to an epic BEATDOWN in South G’vegas on this chilly morning! Transporter and I have been EHing our neighbor for a little while and finally got him to show


Side Straddle Hops x 21 I lost count

Imperial walkers x 20

Mountain climbers x 20 Lets Mosey!

The Thang

YHC was hoping to have an even number to do LAZY DORA and we did.

Partner 1 Merkins Partner 2 Plank to 100

Partner 1 Squats Partner 2 Al Gore to 200

Partner 1 LBCs Partner 2 Dead Cockroach to 300 Lets Mosey!! You could tell the Merlot was about to spill! No Luck YHC will try harder next time

Ring of Fire Peoples choice 2 rounds

Call out an exercise of your choice and make a lap

Merkins,Monkey humpers,Supermans,Plank Shoulder touches,Burpees….etc…..Awful!!!

YHC runs to The Tank as my 2.0 calls my Surburban for phone and bluetooth speaker that worked last night.UURRGGHH

Sally with Squats just enough time left for 2 MOM so we did Flutters to finish up

Prayers and Announcements

Drifter 6k Feb.6th

GHS 5k and Half Marathon Feb.27

Prayers for my 2.0 Carson

Ghost rider led us in prayer

Until we meet again in the Gloom



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