"Lazy" does not mean "Easy"

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  • Workout Date - 12/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Bambi, Short Barrel, ATM (YHC)
  • AO -

3 men resisted the rainy day fartsack and got a little better at the Tower of Terror this morning.  When @LookOutBelow asked for a sub Q last night, YHC was all too eager to oblige.  With only 3 pax, the Dora planned quickly became more of a ménage à trois.  Conditions were heavy rain, but the temp was perfect.  After some #mumblechatter about trucks and fartsackers, here is what we did:

Welcome and disclaimer
W/U – SSH x 25 IC, HB x 20 IC, ISW x 15 IC

Thang – Lazy Dora – combined reps.  With 3 pax, we changed the 100/200/300 to 150/300/450 reps of the exercises to ensure plenty of pain to go around.

150 burpees – one pax performs 10 burpees while other 2 plank.  Rotate after 10 to next pax…continue until each has done 5 rounds of 10.  50 burpees each + a 10 minute plank.  Ok, confession time…the actual exercise list calls for merkins here, but YHC decided that burpees were more appropriate.  Don’t tell @ShortBarrel or @Bambi, please.

300 LBCs – one pax performs 30 LBCs while the other 2 hold 6 inches with the legs.  Rotate after 30 to next pax…continue until each has done three rounds of 30 and one round of 10.  100 LBCs and about 8 minutes of 6-inches.  #smokecore

450 squats (#crowdpleaser) – one pax performs 15 squats while the other 2 hold the down position of a squat.  Rotate after 15 to next pax…continue until each has done 10 rounds of 15 squats.  150 squats and 4 hours of squat holds.  #badidea

6MOM – Captain Thor up to 5/20, Rosie x 20 IC, and various plankoramo.

Announcements – convergence at GH next Wednesday. Be there.
Prayers – @Bambi‘s M, Rate Hike, prayers for our brothers not there, unspoken

Naked Man Moleskin – So good to have @Bambi back in the gloom.  The ’81 is better for having you around.  TClaps for taking care of the family while the M recovers.  That’s what real men, and especially F3 men, do.  The Deer worked hard on his first day back.  TClaps to @ShortBarrel for his 2nd post in his first week.  HC’d for tomorrow at #Pitchfork too.  Dude is all in and working hard.  Keep coming brother, it doesn’t get easier, but we get better.

Always a pleasure men.  SYITG,


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