Lazy Bums

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

9 men planted the #ShovelFlag at #TheBurbs and #GotMovin. We welcomed @Starfish from Winston Salem and also had an FNG join us.

The Thang:
10 one legged burpees – #mumblechatter right out of the gate. Heard someone tell our FNG, “Welcome to F3″
10 merkins (IC)
15 squats

Line up on the sidewalk – Indian Run down to the school
Once there – Lazy Dora
Partner up
P1 10 merkins
P2 plank
flapjack and continue to 100 total merkins
P1 15 squats
P2 Al Gore (tree hugger)
flapjack and continue to 150 total squats
P1 20 reverse crunches
P2 6”
flapjack and continue to 200 total reverse crunches
@Zipit mentioned that this version of Dora was a #misnomer because it “wasn’t lazy at all”. #truthnugget

Back on the sidewalk – Indian Run back to the Church. The long way (aka uphill)
Once back, head to the covered entrance to start 4 corners

Corner 1 – Jack Webb (up to 5/20)
Corner 2 – Dan Taylor (up to 5/20)
Corner 3 – Freddy Kruegers (up to 20/5)
Corner 4 – Smurpees (up to 16/4)

Joe Hendricks up the steps and then back to the #shovelflag

Once back, #pushorama
10 diamond merkins
10 Larry Craigs
10 ranger merkins

We finished up with 3 MOM – dealer’s choice
Caliendo – plank 10 count (IC)
Homeward Bound – big boy situps x10
Slap Chop – deac cockroaches x10
SnipIt – russian twists x10
Starfish – boxcutters x10


Observations from the #gloom…
– Pretty sure I saw wires protruding from @Wilson’s arm which confirmed our suspicions – the man is not human. He has run a 50k and marathon on back to back weekends and still keeps on ticking. If we renamed him, no doubt he’d be #EnergizerBunny
– Caliendo busted his #Burbs cherry and pushed hard, as always
– Always good to have visitors. Hope @Starfish enjoyed the workout. He did say he planned to share #JoeHendricks with the PAX in Winston Salem #youcanthankuslater
– Local meteorologist, @SlapChop, had on a long sleeve shirt. I know, hard to believe. He said it was because the temps were below freezing but I have a suspicion he was being modest and didn’t have any clean short sleeve shirts. Dude has mercury for blood….
– Tclaps to FNG Barry – The Big Short. He handled that workout just fine.

– YHC’s coworker with cancer and my sister and her divorce
– @Quickie’s infant son has been in the hospital for 10 days. Passing the hat to raise money to offset lost wages since he’s been at the hospital instead of working
– All the guys on IR – @Caviar, @Snowden (i’m sure there are others)
– Convergence at #StarCommand this Sat 1/23
– Drifter 6k on 2/6. Sign up and use “F3” for a $10 discount (33% off)

See ya in the gloom….