Latka's Last , er First Stand

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

The Thang: QuickStart with a Tajh Boyd (10 burpees OYO), SSH x20.

Two lines for Indian Run down to Verdae Blvd, lunge walk for a bit, back to regular Indian Run, back up to the wall of pain.

Balls to the wall, Plankorama, People’s Chair, Jack Webb up to 6 and 24.

Mosey to the track for some Catch Me If You Can, with 5 Jump/Knee-tucks every time your partner tags you.

Crab-walk, karaoke down to the pond. Partner 1: dips and sumo squats, while Partner 2 takes a lap around the pond. Rinse, repeat.

Top of the steps for South Kakalaky Railroad, in two groups. Leg throw-downs x15, rinse, repeat. Modified Jacob’s Ladder, Merkins and Burpees, up to 4. Swipers x15.

Mosey to the shovel flag for 6 Minutes of Mary, led by Pledge: Flutter x25, bicycle x10, Russian Twist x25, imperial squawker x15, Mountain Climbers x15.

One D decided we hadn’t run enough, so mosey to the parking lot for some last-second suicides. #plank you very much

Naked Moleskin:

  • 34 pax showed up for Latka’s Virgin Q. All seemed to be pleased/smoked.
  • Lots of FNGs and lots of 2.0s out there today. Great to see all the new faces.
  • Good luck to Gazelle as he starts his college experience at Clemson next week. It will be the best 6 years of your life.
  • Big Bang for Five Forks workout coming soon.
  • Reminder to sign up for the Hangar Party next Sat, 8/17. A good time will be had by all.

Latka, out.

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