Last Post of the Year!

  • Workout Date - 12/31/2014
  • Q In Charge - Amp
  • The PAX - Crunchy, Overdraft, Aunt Jemima, Mario, My Little Pony (FNG), Hook and Ladder, Houdini, Domer Simpson, Roscoe P. Coltrane, T. Hicks, Wahoo, Blue Hen, Nature Boy, 00, GCOD, San Diaaaago, Nyquil, Seal, Phil Dunphy
  • AO -

20 #PAX made it out of the #Fartsack and into the #Gloom for the last post of the year.  8 #PAX from @F3SwampRabbit #Crucible came down and captured the @F3Ghostflag

Warm up
25 SSH
25 Hillbilies
20 Imperial Squat Walkers

The Thang
Quadraphilia (3 min)

The #PAX found out just how needy Sally is!  All she wanted was to go up and down 31 times!  How hard can it be?  Right, Hook?
Bring Sally Up (~3 min)

Time for Insane Ciabata!  The best (worst) moves from Insanity done in a tiabata format (20 sec on, 10 sec off, x 8 rounds).  Great quad and core workout.
Side suicide jumps (4 min)
Hi/low jab squat (4 min)
Power push up (4 min)
Squat hooks (4 min)
Power jumps (4 min)

Star Gazers
25 Flutter kicks
25 Dollys
25 Freddie Mercurys

NakenMan Moleskin
Thanks to the guys from #Crucible for coming down and posting with us, even if you did take the @F3Ghostflag,

Haven of Rest workouts begin January 12 at the Haven of Rest farm off 29.  Maybe have joint workout with @F3SwampRabbit.  Details and directions will be sent by email.

January is 10,000 Merkins.  323 merkings per day.  Hook and Ladder is spearheading.
Prayer Request
Please remember:
Wahoo’s friend with marital issues.
Nature Boy’s situation (and praise God for the progress made).
Crossroad’s ministry team in Haiti.  Pray for open doors and the in-seasons words to speak.

Being a leader is not only about being an encourager or a “standard”.  Being a #HIM is much like being a farmer.  It involves having the wisdom to know when to water, when to fertilize, and also involves being prepared to “prune the tree” when and where it is needed.  It doesn’t matter if it involves your wife and kids, employees, or even F3 brothers.  #Accountability #ISI #DiaperChanging.  We have access to access to wisdom (Prov 2:6-7).  Wisdom will lead you (and others) to a fruitful harvest!  #HIM #IMPACT #IM3

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