Last Man Standing

  • Workout Date - 09/30/2022
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8 Men gathered in the crisp morning #gloom at #PitchFork to #getbetter.

The Thang:

We honored @Spicoli right out of the gate with a 10×5 (of course we did superman burpees). I thought @ShortBarrell was gonna get back in his truck after I announced the 10×5 #crowdpleaser

Grab your weights and mosey to the parking lot adjacent to where we park/warm up.

Line up, shoulders perpendicular to the road.
**1st and 3rd exercise in each series was done with weight**
Rd 1
10 plank rows (w/wgt) —– sprint to the end of the parking lot – 20 diamond merkins —- sprint back – 10 plank rows (w/wgt)
15 goblet squats (w/wgt) —– sprint – 30 side squats — sprint — 15 goblet squats (w/wgt)
20 flutters (holding wgt over chest) — sprint — 40 45* LBC’s — sprint — 20 flutters

Rd 2
10 merkins (w/wgt) — sprint — 20 werkins — sprint — 10 merkins (w/wgt)
15 lunges (w/wgt) — sprint — 30 al gore lunges — sprint — 15 lunges (w/wgt)
20 American hammers (w/wgt) — sprint — 40 dollys — sprint — 20 American hammers (w/wgt)

Rd 3 (body wgt only)
10 plank hip touches (DC) — sprint — 20 little baby jump squats — sprint — 30 rosalitas

Grab your weights and mosey back to the starting point. YHC was looking for a good wall to use and @Whisper suggested the wall on the backside of the gym.

Line up on the wall in peoples chair where we will alternate between PC and elevated plank shoulder touches and PC and inverted mtn climbers
PC x30 secs
Elevated PST’s x10
PC x45 secs
Inverted Mtn Climbers x10

Mosey back towards the starting point and stop in a patch of grass for #lastmanstanding

Circle up in #Chilcutt (low plank). Everyone holds the low plank as long as they can. Once a person taps out they have to do some other core exercise.

@RoadTrip and @Iceman held the #chilcutt for 4mins. @RoadTrip declared the #LastManStanding.


Naked Moleskin
– Smaller numbers than normal this morning. I think The Incredible Shrinking Man (FKA – Whisper) scared everyone off.
– I will probably regret this workout tomorrow when running #TheGrinch5k tomorrow as it was leg heavy

– Grinch 5k tomorrow to support Piedmont Fire Dept (@Quickie is race director). Can sign up day of so come join us
– Turkey Day convergence at Legacy – launch at 0700
– Christmas Party is 12/10. We need HC’s so we can plan accordingly. Preblast here –…-party-pre-blast/

– @Spicol’s family. Memorial event this Sat (11/19) at Green Lettuce (GVL West End) from 3-5p.
– @MyLittleBrony’s son
– @PineTar’s coworkers
– @Sherpa in Nepal

See ya in the gloom….