Last Day of Summer Workouts

  • Workout Date - 09/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00
  • The PAX - Denied, Domer Simpson, Inspector Gadget, Mr. Winslow, Soul Plane, San Diago, Holla, Double Windsor, Twerkin, Blanks, Punch Out, 00
  • AO -

Under strict orders from Captain Houdini, YHC had stayed away from bootcamps in the weeks leading up to the BRR. It’s been hard to get back, knowing that the BRR #soccerarms would be exposed. No better way to force myself out than to pick up a Q.

12 Dudes assembled in front of the Peace Center. Brief Disclaimer. No warm up and straight to the Liberty Bridge. Time for traveling Dora.

Pair up. First round is 100 pullups. Partner one does pullups to failure, then switches with Partner two, who does the same. Partner who is not pulling up does burpees to work the other muscle groups and get the heart rate up. Plank until all pairs are done. Run under Main St to the stairs that lead up to Starbucks.

200 jumpsquats. I was going to have the off-partner do a Joe Hendrix up the stairs halfway. San Diago suggested that you might as well Joe Hendrix all the way up. So we did. Someone started doing flutters after they were done, so this became the exercise of choice waiting for the group to finish. Run across the pedestrian bridge to the Pavilion.

300 Russian Twists while partner lunge walks backwards to the end of the Pavilion and runs back.

We have some time left. Go back to stairs leading from amphitheater to Peace Center. One Partner holds a squat while the other Joe Hendrix up. Then switch. At the top of the stairs, some Peter Parkers in cadence. Low Slow Exercises in cadence (4 down 4 hold, 4 up) – merkins, squats, Bulgarian split Squats, and then some Mary with slow flutters and Freddie Mercs.

Great job by all.

Announcements – Read your email. Launches coming up in Easley and at Gideon’s House. Read your email.

An honor as always. Good to see some new faces.

YHC is going to start making my way around to some different AOs. Look out.

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