Ladies Love Labrums

  • Workout Date - 12/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - Caviar
  • The PAX - Holla, Handy Mandy, San Diego, Soul Plane, Double Windsor, Domer Simpson, Height?, Earthmover, FNG (AOL), 501, Spongebob, Zoro, Taylor Swift, Keystone, PETA
  • AO -

It was 1989.

On a quiet street, in a working class neighborhood, in Battle Creek, MI, a young Caviar (YHC) was setting up for a radical maneuver. Adjusting his Jams and touching-up his mullet, Caviar pushed off on his Powell-Peralta Steve Caballero deck to attempt a mad kick-flip. Just as YHC reached critical speed, WHAMO!!! A pebble no larger than a marble brought the Independent Spitfire wheels to a halt and young Caviar was catapulted forward. All dreams of landing an epic styly trick vanished as the yellow lines of that Michigan side street rushed towards him. Caviar blinked a prayer to Jesus and Christian Hosoi as his upper body smashed and slid across the ground. YHC stood up slowly, did a quick body check, and found that all was good…except for a slight looseness in his shoulder. Surely that was nothing that some chocolate milk and several hours of Nintendo couldn’t heal up!

Twenty some odd years later, and many more infractions against YHC’s shoulder has led him to need surgical repair. Per the doctor’s orders, YHC put together a shoulder crusher workout to prep him for the impending procedure. 16 PAX braved a rainy morning at The Main Thang to celebrate YHC’s last hurrah for several months…

The Thang:

Hand Release Merkins

Mosey to McBee Parking Deck

Climb to the top of the Deck rotating Bear Crawls, Sprints, and various pain points (dips, SSH, American Hammers, Fairy Jacks, Plank, Plank Jacks)

Mosey down the parking deck and over to Broad Street Parking Lot.

3 Rounds: 5 Muscle Ups, 3 Burpees

Mosey to Peace Center Amphitheater Stage for Mary

A “minute” of plank.

Gideon’s House Breakfast Next Week
Prayers for Swift’s friend who was struck by a baseball and has clotting.
Prayers for Sponge’s business vendor who had a DUI wreck and is facing manslaughter charges. Reminder to drive sober this holiday season.
Prayers for YHC’s Surgery

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  1. Good Q Caviar! I pray that your shoulder surgery goes well, and that you’ll be able to post again soon. Also I was the name you didn’t know. I’m Tiny Dancer (hatehatehate). Tclaps for the shoulder-smoker!


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