Laces Mild

  • Workout Date - 10/19/2016
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Stewie (WD), 1040 (WB), Debit, Latke, Zoila (YHC)
  • AO -

YHC’s first post was September 17, 2013 in Charlotte.  Hard to believe I’ve been on this ride w/ y’all for over 3 years.  Gets better every day.

The Conditions: Difficult to complain about.  64 degrees Fahrenheit, clear, 83% humidity.

The Thang:

Burpees x10 OYO.

Mosey a little over a mile north on Augusta Street to the upholstery store.

Merkins x9 (for Wayne Gallman)

Squats x20

Russian Twists x20

Lot’s of whining about the officiating in last Saturday’s Clemson-NCSU game.  Fairness doesn’t mean equal outcomes, Stewie.  Sorry.

Mosey back south on Augusta, right on Keowee.  Stop at the intersection of Keowee and Grove Valley Way.

Merkins x9

LBC x20

Oblique LBC x10 on each side

Mosey back north on Keowee, right on Elsie, right on Aberdeen, left on Brookwood, left on Aberdeen, left on Sevier, right on Brookwood, left on Faris.  Stop at CVS at Faris/Augusta.  Reminder, lots of cars driving by, we want F3 to have a reputation of studs with good form.

Diamond Derkins x9

Some abs exercise x9 (I forgot which)

Burpees x9

Mosey back at 0600


Ye Olde Moleskine:

We’ve got a nice thing going here at Aces.  Really good 2ndF b/c of neighborhood familiarity and that we see each other around a good bit (ran into 1040 grocery shopping, see Stewie/Beast Lite at church and community group, see Debit around the neighborhood, etc).  It’s been really great getting to know the ACES crew pretty well.  Let’s challenge each other to continue to dive into 2ndF/3rdF with each other, as well as keep the EH on these ’05ers.

Announcements: Drifter…   Gideons House now on Sundays at 0600.

Prayer Requests: Debit’s mom has breast cancer, she is going into radiation and finished with chemo (“the worst is over”).  Latke’s daughter is having hernia surgery next week.

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