L.I.F.O. with some good wholesome fun in the middle

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

12 dragged it out of the fartsack into the windy tankyard and…here comes Hermie at 5:29 to make it #13…LI

SSH x 31
Burpees x 21

Indian run (one group) through the ‘hood with stops for:
21 x staggered pushups
41 x pushups on yo’ knees (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it) #mumblechatter
21 x burpees #moremumblechatter

Conveniently, we finished at Hermie’s holler for the next round of goodness

#50 dips – lungekick across parking lot, sprint back and plank
#50 (dbl ct) mtn climbers – Hermie’s jump/walk it out on hands for a pushup/walk it back up on feet #someonegivemeanameforthis, sprint back for plank

Rinse and repeat #lovelanguagefromBunyan

Indian run (two groups) through the park to the basketball court

10 min AMREP: OYO- Merkin, Lunge (dbl ct), Chaser LBC. first round X 1, second round X 2, third round X 3, etc…
Every time individual finished a round, they called out their #.
This verbal accountability seemed to keep the PAX active and everyone pushing themselves for the whole 10 minutes.

Finish with MOM

Flutter x 31
Slutter x 21…Hold for a 10 ct…
Freddy Mercury x 31
Snow Angels x 15 (Q’d by Bunyan)
Crunches x 20 (Q’d by Cataract)
Toes to heaven x 10 (Q’d by Clapper)
Rosa x 20 (Q’d by Scuba Steve)
***disclaimer- MOM #’s may be off, but you get the point, Hermie audibled to different PAX for an on the fly Q.

Hermie was FO to get to his high school bible study. Thanks for playing boys-Hermie-the-elf-and-friends-Flickr-user-Dyanna-Hyde

F3 Spartanburg kicks off on 4/26.Still working on a location.
Need Q’s and PAX to step up to fill out the the first 6-8 weeks of Satruday workout.
Send all potential FNG emails to F3Spartanburg@gmail.com

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  1. I nominate “the Jumpworm” for that diabolical jump/walk it out on hands for a pushup/walk it back up on feet thang.

    Also, #tclaps on that AMRAP COP. we’re gonna see that one again.

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