#Kotters at PowderKeg: Shiner's back & Padre, too!

  • Workout Date - 10/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - Quaker, Padre, Brown Shorts, T-Bag, Keystone, Taylor Swift, Tiny Dancer, Shiner, Youkillis, Seal, BoomHauer, and YHC, Gluten
  • AO -

What? NO FNGs… we gotta work on that!

THE WARM UP: [100 repetitions]

  • 25x SSH IC; 5x Burpee, OYO;
  • 15x Crab Cakes IC; 5x Burpee, OYO;
  • 25x Imperial Walkers IC; 5x Burpee, OYO;
  • 15x Mountain Climbers IC; 5x Burpee, OYO

BLIMP CIRCUIT, Pain Station #1 (the timer) [60 repetitions per set]

  • Burpees X12, OYO – Corner #1;
  • Lunges X12, OYO – Corner #2;
  • Imperial Walkers X12, OYO – Corner #3;
  • Mericans X12, OYO – Corner #4;
  • Plank Shoulder Touches X12, OYO – Corner #1 Circuit TIMER ends. Swap stations to rinse & repeat for 2 sets.

PowderKeg Fly Over

  • Unplanned Burpees X 10, OYO

BLOCK STACK, Pain Station#2 (unstacker/restacker/planker while you wait your turn)

  • Un-stack a 3 block column, 1 block at a time (you know… for fitness, fellowship & faith) placing in next parking space…
  • Rebuild column in every 3rd parking space, rinse and repeat across the lot…
  • Continue until you run out of lot, then go in the other direction until you…
  • SWAP stations once your replacement PAX relieves you.


  • to the ShovelFlag

6MOM (on your 6) [115 repetitions]

  • 15 x Crunch Pretzel, RE2LK, IC (then flip flop)
  • 15 x Crunch Pretzel, LE2RK, IC
  • 15 x Dolly’s, IC
  • 15 x Heels2Heaven, IC
  • 15 x Reverse LBCs, IC
  • 15 x Rosalita’s, IC
  • 15 x LBCs, IC
  • 10 x Mountain Climbers, IC and RECOVER!


Good work today, men! Announcements… Keystone plugged Easley Shoe Repair, a good business worth your consideration; Prayer requested for an individual who recently experienced an unusual procedure who is doing better, but not out of the woods yet; Praise for answered prayer for reestablished communication with a friend after a long period of silence… the friend was in church with their daughter yesterday; Praise for Padre & Shiner’s return bak to the COT&BOM; Prayer requested for the police throughout our nation, 8 who recently paid the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of others; Prayer requested for our nation and our upcoming elections; T-Bag requested prayer for his sister battling cancer.YHC closed us out in the Ball Of Man lifting these and those requests which were unspoken to the Almighty and sovereign GOD of all things! It is a good thing we do in the gloom of F3Nation. Let’s give it away and maybe next time we will have the opportunity to welcome a FNG into our Circle Of Trust! Hope to see you next time… in the gloom. Gluten, out.

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