Kotters, Anniversary, Fire Alarms, and a Tank too…

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2016
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Steamer, Octane, Hook'n'Ladder, I-Try, DuPlo, SEAL, TBag, Slug, Gluten, Chaz with an I, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

Hook’nLadder has been MIA from the PowderKeg. YHC has been MIA from SOS. Let’s make a deal. YHC Qs SOS, Hook comes to PowderKeg next week. Nothing fancy about my plan. The plan is to burn the abs. Let’s go!


SSH. It’s about this time that Steamer gets a call on his radio. He is a firefighter in Greenville but also volunteers here in his hometown of Williamston. Kudos brother.

Finish warmup with MC, and IW all x20 IC.

Mosey to the shelter with the lights on. No meth heads here so we’re safe. On top of the table for Lazy Boys. Put your 6 on the edge of the table feet dangling and lean back slowly like a recliner.

  • Lazy Boy Flutters x20 IC
  • 20 Dips IC
  • Lazy Boy Dollies x20 IC
  • 20 Dips IC
  • Lazy Boy Flutters x20 IC

Mosey to big stage for a Wall of fire. Each man does 20 LBCs while others hold People’s Chair.

Mosey back to where we started. Steamer has returned from his call. The fire was out before he made it there. He could have stayed and we would have never know any different. Being the Beast that he is, he rejoined us.

Time for an Ark Loader. 10 squats. Bear crawl 15 yards. 10 squats. Crab walk back. 10 squats. Duck walk. 10 squats. Lunge walk back.

Mosey through the dark under the train trestle and find the tank. Mineral Springs also has a Tank like our brothers in Greenville. Circle up for more abs. LBC, reverse LBC, side crunch right, side crunch left all x 20 IC.

Mosey through the meth tunnel. Don’t stop. This place is scary! No one sleeping inside. We stop at another picnic shelter.

  • Lazy Boy American Hammer x20 IC
  • 10 Mericans
  • Protractor angles up to 90°
  • Rosalita x20 IC
  • 10 Mericans
  • Lazy Boy American Hammers x25 IC because SEAL said he hates them. Blame him for the extras.

Back to the flag for Mary.

Pretzel crunch left, Pretzel crunch right, Plank shoulder touches, Peter Parker all x 20 IC.

Observations – I may have found SEAL’s Kryptonite. American Hammers. Normally he smokes us all during the workout. Abs kept him under control. Love you brother.

So happy to see good numbers and new faces at SOS. Tons of fun stuff to do at this hidden gem.

I-Try informs us during the COT that this is his one year anniversary. Happy to have you brother!

A- Hyco 5k Oct 22 in Anderson. Nov 12 HOPE Relay. PowderKeg and Hurricane Alley both have teams now. RAGNAR this weekend. PowderKeg represent!!!

P- Family Promise at TPC. Hosting a homeless family trying to get back on their feet. Townville students and teachers as they try to return to school. Prayers for Jacob’s family. All Wren students. It’s been a bad few weeks.

Always a pleasure!

Brown Shorts

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