King TUT and the accidental #suckfest

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  • Workout Date - 10/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Whisper (respect!), Tedidiah, Thumper, Dr. Phil, Affordable Care Act, Third Base, Hooch (hate!), Sammy, Homeward Bound, ATM (YHC)
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The VSF was planted at the Pitchfork and 9 other pax joined YHC for a pre-birthday experiment.  YHC loves to read and when the idea of Time Under Tension (TUT) came across the blogosphere last week, the idea for an experiment was born.  No backblast will do this workout justice, you just had to be there.  There was discussion of #Merlot (from YHC) and #tbq from more than one pax.

The Weinke looked innocent enough…the results were anything but…so, without further disclaimer, here was the King TUT accidental suckfest:

Standard Warm up – SSH x 25 IC and HB x 20 IC

Over to the Speedway with our dumbbells for the Thang.  Circle up.

Exercise 1 – standard merkins.  6 reps, then hold for 6 seconds in down position.  Immediately to 5 reps, then hold for 5 seconds in down position.  Immediately to 4 reps, hold for 4 seconds in down position…all the way to 1 rep and hold for 1 second.  We followed this exact protocol for every exercise listed with the “hold” position being the position that put stress on the muscles.

Line up for Chase the Rabbit – all pax start to mosey around speedway until assigned rabbit calls “GO” and we jailbreak back to the circle.  YHC took the first rabbit responsibility and it was passed around to everyone EXCEPT Hooch in the following 8 rounds.  #hesfast #hate #slowdown #caughtalltherabbits

Exercise 2 – Wide Rows.  Then we chase the rabbit.
Exercise 3 – Curls – with “hold” at 90 degree elbows.  Chase the rabbit.
Exercise 4 – Goblet Squat. Chase the rabbit.
Exercise 5 – Shoulder Press. Chase the rabbit.
Exercise 6 – Ranger Merkins.  Chase the rabbit.
Exercise 7 – Calf Raises.  Chase the rabbit.
Exercise 8 – Diamond Merkins.  Chase the rabbit.
Exercise 9 – Lunges.  Chase the rabbit.

According to Whisper, we ran about a mile with about 1/2 of it a jailbreak.

6MOM – LBCs x 30 IC, Superman/Banana, Plankorama

Prayer/praise – Hulk’s brother, mud run pax, Church Lady, Lilly, Walker, praise for Sammy’s 2.0 Cullen, praise for ACA adoption process.

Naked Man Moleskin – pax did a great job today.  It was only 21 reps of each exercise, but the TUT part was very difficult.  Not too much #mumblechatter after the first couple of rounds.  Ted is very fast also.  Homeward Bound is deceptively fast for a bigger guy.  My bday Q tmmr at 0600 at Pitchfork.  Be there.

Always a pleasure men.



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