King of the hill!

  • Workout Date - 10/09/2018
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - NYOPT (getting close), Hot for Teacher, Sushi (respect), WIFI (respect),MAYO, Ron Swanson, Ms. Potts, Sling Blade (hate), Birney, Elmer, Cyclone, Fred, Sticky Willy, Short Stick, Take 5, Beamer,
  • AO - Golden Strip

When I pulled into the gloom of GS this morning I saw what appeared to be  someone pre-running laps around the parking lot. I never caught this elusive runner with my car so I waited until we circled up. It was the one and only Sushi trying to slow the earths rotation down. Then I saw Mayo rolling in ready for some fun in the gloom. Wasn’t sure whether or not I needed a “Slim Jim” to capture these sasquatch like characters or a lottery ticket! Definitely feeling the love with those two in attendance. 14 more PAX rolled into GS this morning to see what Dangle had in store. I’ve had my eye on “them thar hills” for awhile now and decided today was the day! Stand by to get some!



**Sign up to Q (GS, TOT, PF, Graceland and other locations) invest in your brethren, give back and enjoy! HFT Quote of the day “Teamwork makes the dreamwork!” **

DISCLAIMER: Modify as needed or suck it up and complete the task.

Warm Up
Lil and Big arm circles…forward and backward.

Native American run for two laps.

The Thang

DORA-HILLS-You know the deal….

100 4x Flutter Kicks while partner PAX runs up the hill (forward).

200 Merican’s while partner PAX runs up the hill (backwards).

300 SSH while partner PAX bear crawls the hill.

300 Imperial Walkers….. bear crawls the hill.

200 Squats ……runs up the hill (backwards).

100 Carolina Dry Docks …….runs up the hill (forward).


Duck duck goose:

YHC LBC x 20 in cadence

Ms. Potts 6″ for 20 in candence

Cyclone 20 Up Downs in cadence

Fred 10 Burpees OYO

WIFI 25 BBSU in cadence

Sushi SIde crunch knee things. They hurt!

YHC grabbed his phone due to a lack of memory while the PAX completed some American Hammers.


October 13 Drake 5k in Spartanburg

Praise and Prayer Requests

Andrew Brunson-Trial October 12th.  We have been praying for 2 years now for his release.

Sgt. Terrence Carraway and all of those involved in Florence County. RIP brother!

Sticky Willy’s friend battling cancer.

All those prayers spoken and unspoken!

It is a privilege to LEAD this group.


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