Killer Bees at MOAB

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  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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The Killer Bees (see picture)

6 PAX gathered at Cleveland Park for Grit’s wet and sloppy VQ in the gloom.

Flay posting for Grit.


19 Sets of Side Straddle Hops

19 Sets of Imperial Walkers (Fast Pace)

The Thang

Fast Mosey to the bridge

Balls to the Wall across the Bridge

Short Trail Run to Monkey Bars

Up and Over Monkey Bars

Alternating Sets of 10 Dips and 10 Merks while folks did the Monkey Bars OYO

Fast Mosey up and over wall and park bench

Fast Mosey around to the Carolina Kittly Litter

Wheel Barrel Pairs Down and Back

Dead Man Carry

Mosey to the rotating Monkey Bars

Pull UPs 2 Sets of 10ish OYO in two groups

2nd Group Spider Mans and Diamond Merkins


Burpee Broad Jumps

Mosey to Concrete Amphitheater

Box Jumps and 5 sets of 10 in and outs

After Second Set KILLER BEE ATTACK MAN DOWN MAN DOWN (Domer hits a wasp’s nest)

Medvac Domer, Treatment, Regroup

Mosey to Swings

8 Sets of EC killer swing merkin walk thing (form goes to crap after 4, Smoked at 7 but all make it to 8)

Hootible 10 Burpees OYO

Run up the Scout Hill

PAX without Headlamps slow down the pack, you know who you are, its MOAB dangit.

Plank at the top

Back down

Jail Break to Swings EC overtakes Grit after giving him a big lead  #whatelseisnew?

Circle Up for Mary


19 Sets of Russian Twists

19 Sets of Flutters


6 Inches

Hootie’s Blue Plate Special “Coming out of the Grave” 19 sets

COT – Spicolli remains in our thoughts.


19 in honor of the Great Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar!

Fellowship: Swapping of “kids in the ER” stories in honor of Domer who finished strong with a sting to the eyelid and one to the leg

Cherry broken! It was good for me hope it was for y’all ~

Grit – OUT

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