Kicking It On a Monday

  • Workout Date - 03/05/2018
  • Q In Charge - Squid
  • The PAX - Road Trip, 3rd Base, Priscilla, NYOPT, Soccer Mom, LOB, Butter Bean, Barney, Church Lady, H4T, Mint Julip, Floppy Disc, Cocoon, Whisper, 1D, Pet Stain, YHC
  • AO - Tower of Terror

YHC rolled into the parking lot at 5:18am was excited to see a small mob forming already. Disappointment set in quickly upon realizing they were all wabbits preparing to embark on a 5 mile early morning tour as they simulated Trans-Siberian Orchestra with all of their fancy lights. For a few minutes, it looked like it was going to be only Soccer and me for the workout. But 9 more PAX rolled in and we totaled YOLEVEN for the workout. None made more of a grand entrance than Church Lady who A) arrived 90 seconds early and B) boldly proclaimed “I am ready to kick Monday in the nuts.” Nuff said, time to get to work.

Weather: 36 deg F. Crisp.

F3 Mission: Nailed it.
Disclosure: Not a professional. Keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment.

-SSH IC x 20
-IW IC x 15
-Mosey to the block pile, partner up for DORA

  • Thang: Double DORA with CMUs
    • P1 runs to stop sign and returns while P2 exercises; flippety flop
    • P1 & P2 accumulate the following:
    o 100 Blockees (Man-Makers)
    o 200 Lunges (single count)
    o 300 Overhead Press
    o 300 Curls
    o 200 Kardashians
    o 100 Squats
    • Kardashian: perform front lateral raise with CMU, hold and imitate taking a selfie.
    • Knowing this group would be mentally challenged with the requirement to remember a whopping 6 exercises, simplification was provided through the memory tool of “BLOCKS
    • 1st Audible upon finishing Curls: running out of time, so the 100 Squats were dropped from the end. However, knowing we did not want to ignore the Hammies, P1 running was replaced with Squat Walk with CMU to end of parking lot and CMU carry back to the start. YHC expected PAX to make a joyful noise, but none was heard.
    • 2nd Audible at 50 Kardashians: still running out of time, so Kardashians reduced to 100 reps. Road Trip proclaimed, “Apparently Kardashians are only worth half their value.” Well said, RT. Well said.
    • Return blocks. Mosey to the flags.

Only a minute left for Mary:
– Flutters x 35 IC (originally planned for only 20, but YHC got motivated when the PAX provided a resounding “12” loud enough to echo off Howard’s Pharmacy.)

-P200 Ruck and Run less than 2 weeks away. Time to start training.

Praise/Prayer Requests:
-Church Lady asked for prayers for Roxanne
-Continued prayers for Andrew Brunson

-Great work by all this morning. Did not hear much mumble chatter, but there was quite a bit of background noise from my own heavy breathing.

-Sounded as if 1D was surprised YHC worked the phrase “verbal diarrhea” into this morning’s prayer, so maybe some context is needed. The world’s wisest adult Sunday School teacher (NYOPT) led yesterday’s discussion focused on Jesus’ approach as he changed minds and made believers in small groups and personal encounters, not through large audiences. He also set the example with humility, forgiveness, listening, and helping those in need without rendering judgment. Compare his approach with today’s society which can easily be viewed as filled with selfishness, the quest for immediate gratification, and the spewing of “verbal diarrhea” while hiding behind the cowardice of social media. Can we change the world? Not overnight. But can we start the change through the example we set one personal encounter at time? Oh, yeah.

Proud to stand next to you, humbled to have the opportunity to lead you.


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