• Workout Date - 10/02/2014
  • Q In Charge - Grilled Cheese On a Donut
  • The PAX - Dollywood, TBC (Birthday Boy), Caviar, Punchout, GCOD
  • AO -

5 PAX decided to celebrate TBC’s 45th birthday Katy Perry style and let the Lion’s Den hear them ROAR!

Conditions: Fan-freaking-tastic!

Warm Up
10 Crab Rolls
10 Burpees

The Thang
Mosey to the squisy rubber ground in the middle of the playground- feels so nice.
25 Merkins- Lap around playground
50 Squats- Lap around playground
75 Flutters- Lap around playground
Rinse & repeat for total of 4 rounds.

It should be noted that the birthday boy CRUSHED this! #tclaps Also, TBC and Caviar chased each other while running on top of the rock wall during the lap around the playground- every… single… time… Also, during round three the question was posed as to who was having the flatulance issues. YHC quickly departed with nose hairs freshly singed.

Plank-o-rama- YHC experiecing BQ of the not yet total kind

11s at the rock wall- box jumps/dips- Way to push PAX, Love the support from Caviar finishing out the last sets a second time with the PAX.

Mosey to the trail
Bear crawl 100 feet forward/ 100 feet backwards
Lunge walk 100 feet forward/ 100 feet backwards
Crab walk 100 feet forward/ …

Head back to circle for MOM.
YHC pauses for a moment to collect his bowels.

“On your six… Uh, Dollywood, can you lead Mary?”

YHC shuffles off to the darkness by the edge of the parking lot/zoo. Apparently there is a fence 6 inches into the woods the ENTIRE length of the parking lot. YHC debates how much he cares about “modesty” as he searches for a place to unleash the demons knocking on his back door. Glancing over his shoulder towards the PAX distracted by Flutters, Dollys or whatever they were doing, YHC realized that he had about 15 seconds of modesty left in the tank. Fortunately for YHC, the PAX of the Lion’s Den, F3 Nation and the Good Citizens of Greenville, this was just enough time to discover Nature Boy’s now infamous crucible pit stop. A glorious break between the chain link fence and the stone retaining wall of the zoo just wide enough for YHC to drop two steps into the vegetation and drop his pants. In this moment, exposed to the elements with clear (watery) eyes, and a heart as pure as a heart can be prior to a rectal exorcism, YHC recalled the words of THE Nature Boy “Deep squat, clean as a whistle. As Nature intended, no need to wipe.” He dropped as low as possible, feet spread well past shoulder width apart and felt the burn deep within his…quads. The instant the squat bottomed out, all hesitation, shame, modesty, pride, concern for the environment, disdain for public pooping left YHC’s body through and orifice from which there is no return. Total conciousness may or may not have been achieved in this fleeting moment before YHC returned to reality. As clarvoyance abandoned him and thoughts of exit strategy consumed his mind, YHC took his time returning to an upright position. The 200 squats done during the workout certainly didn’t help, but the primary concerns revolved around the accuracy of Nature Boy’s “clean as a whistle” claims and concerns that YHC’s form was off due to the incline of the ground and that his pants and/or shoes were now covered in “mud”. YHC debated testing Nature Boy’s theory but ultimately settled on blind trust and stood up, pulled up his pants and made a tail tucked return to the cirlce to complete some heels to heaven and BOM. Lesson’s learned: 1. Trust Nature Boy. He knows how to crap in the woods. 2. Don’t harrass a man for dumping in the woods, it could happen to you. 3. There is no relief that is nearly as sweet.


Happy birthday to TBC. Thankful for the opportunity to sweat with you.

Praise for GCOD and his wife as they received preapproval this week to bring home adoptive son from China. This is a major step in a long journey.
Prayers for GCOD’s sister that her custody hearing goes well today.

Praise for Punchout’s wife that she is home from hospital and returned to work yesterday.

Caviar’s nonprofit, the village wrench is in need of used bikes. if you would like to donate, please let him know. For more information, see their website: www.villagewrench.org.

Lion’s Den has an open Q calendar. Come check it out. It’s a great AO.

3 thoughts on “Karma”

  1. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,
    Never question The Nature Boy!!
    Drop, pull down, spread legs, point the hammer backwards, dip down and let it GO!!!! It should only take 10-15 seconds at the most and clean as a whistle!!!!
    You should write novels GCOD!!

  2. Still wonder to this day if those two ladies at the pic-A-nic tables knew just how close they were to such perfectly executed pit stop that Nature Boy demonstrated

  3. GCOD, thanks for providing an excellent opportunity for me to remind all of the PAX, that when posting at our newest AO, THE DOG POUND in Travelers Rest, the restrooms are OPEN even at the earliest hour of the Gloom.

    No need to worry if you are as talented as Nature Boy, when posting at Gateway Park in good ole TR.

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