Justice Is Served in Hendersonville

  • Workout Date - 01/09/2016
  • Q In Charge - Taz & Abraham
  • The PAX - Saban, Big Buckeye, AT&T, Kimchi, Pinto, Taz, Abraham
  • AO -

3 Hickory PAX climbed into the clown car on Friday night and headed into the foggy Blue Ridge mountains. Our mission was to meet, greet, then try to wear out the Hendersonville PAX on the 5th Saturday of their launch. We were under strict orders from Inspector Gadget to make this one tough. Make it a #snotwoggler, IG said.

The Thang

Taz got us started with a warmup right smack in front of the court house. YHC can’t remember everything he did but it included:



Vertical Mountain Climbers

Alternating Toe Touches

Crab Toe Touches

Plank Jacks

and some other stuff

Abraham takes over

Mosey around Courthouse, stopping on back corner. #switzer

Flying squirrels X 10 OYO

Circle up in front of courthouse

10-1 Countdowns

10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 burpees, 10 WWII situps

9 merkins, 9 squats, 9 burpees, 9 WWII sit-ups

Then 8 of each, 7 of each, 6 of each, etc until done.

When done mosey down the street to the fountain and back & reform in front of courthouse.

LAC X 10

Michael Phelps X 10

Reverse LAC X 10

Michael Phelps X 10

Move to benches

50 triceps dips & 100 horizontal mountain climbers, divided up anyway you want.

When done take another lap around courthouse block, reform in front. Plank for the six.

10-1 Contdowns, Round 2

10 step-ups onto benches, 10 decline merkins

9 set-ups, 9 declined merkins

8 step-ups, 8 decline merkins, etc until done.

6 MoM

The Marys were led by the Hendersonville PAX. Each man came to the center, called out an exercise, then led the cadence. All 4 did very well. Kimchi, AT&T, Big Buckeye, & Saban all led with authority.



Flutter kicks

and, and, something else. Doggone it! Can’t remember.


The PAX shared many heartfelt prayer requests. You can tell these men really care about one another. 2nd and 3rd F will be one of the Hendersonville PAX’s strengths. YHC quoted Hebrews 12:1-2 and we closed with a prayer.


What a great thing to do: participate in the launch of another town’s F3. We can’t thank Inspector Gadget enough for asking us.

The Hendersonville men are strong. They’re going to do well. Just EHing every breathing male you meet and you’ll grow. Men want F3, they just don’t know it yet. They will when they post with you for the first time. And you get to name them those FNGs!

Which brings us to this: we discovered the Hendersonville A.O. has no name. This won’t do. Gotta name your A.O., men. It meets in front of the courthouse. We suggest Justice. Bring the men of Hendersonville to Justice and make leaders out of them! Has a nice ring to it, in YHC’s opinion.

But F3 Hendersonville belongs to the men of Hendersonville. You take this, own it, name it, grow it, and you will influence your community beyond measure.

It was an honor to work out with each of you.




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