Just the Two of Us, You and I

  • Workout Date - 06/25/2020
  • Q In Charge - Road Trip
  • The PAX - Peek-A-Boo
  • AO - The Terminal

June 25, 2020.  Since we are rewriting history, this was to be a day for the history books.  The band was getting back together(ATM, Urban, Cocobana, Pet Stain, Deflated….wait, who asked about Deflated?  Deez…..) for a gloom day celebration for Mac to pass the keys of this old Pontiac down to Grass Fairy…basically a typical Lexington Friday night, minus the catfish.  But Grass Fairy was born in 1991 and thought a Pontiac was a river in Maryland.  However, 10 hours before liftoff, Mac had a close encounter of the COVID kind and unleashed a signal of distress and decided to self quarantine (again).  And now in desperate need of an Understudy Q.  Luckily, YHC was anxiously stalking the Twitter feed in hopes of making an RT beat down great again when the call came in.

YHC rolled in at 0529 to find only  Peek-A-Boo sitting in his car with the glow of the social media screen highlighting his face.  Turns out he was placing an order for pick at the House of Waffle and was about to vamanos.  But now his smothered and covered has to wait.

Conditions: dark and balmy 70 degrees

Mission & Disclaimer: nailed it like ATM’s 1/2 Marathon…in other words, it didn’t happen.

Warm Up:
SSH x20 IC
IWx20 IC
Windmill x20 IC

Pushups & Plank Jacks – Start with 1 PU / 10 Plank Jacks – Maintain plank position for the duration.

Mosey to the wall for another set of 11’s
Muscle Ups & Dips – Start with 1 Muscle Up, run to the benches for 10 dips

Mosey to the block pile.  However, there were only 3 blocks in stock…First on the “Grass Fairy’s List of Things To Do…” order more blocks.  I hear Whisper has connections in the block industry.

10 Tri Extensions, 20 Curls, 30 Overhead Presses
Run around the big loop
20 Tri Extensions, 30 Curls, 10 Overhead Presses
Run around the big loop
30 Tri Extensions, 10 Curls, 20 Overhead Presses

Return your block and mosey to the area where the flags would be if Mac and Grass Fairy would have been there.

Last set of 11’s
LBC / BBSU / Rev LBC – Start with 1 LBC, 10 Big Boys, 1 Reverse LBC, continue with
5/6/5…you get the idea.  If you don’t then yoga and Kombucha is probably your thing.

No Announcements, No Prayers, Class Dismissed

RT Exotic out

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