Just Look for the "Big P"

  • Workout Date - 03/20/2013
  • Q In Charge - One Direction (IceMan for MOM)
  • The PAX - Slimfast, IceMan, Barbara, Ladka, Debit (WB), WiFi (WD), Mary
  • AO -

8 PAX rolled out into the GLOOM this morning to celebrate the first day of Spring!  Are you sure?


SSH x 26

iWalkers x 20

Mosey around the side of the BiLo Center for People’s Chair.

Mosey up to Spring St. with another People’s Chair along the Way.

Run up Spring St. towards the “BigP”.  In honor of our hobbled comrade, we continued the Tour de Garage with the Spring St. edition. Two sets of Merkins x 10 on the way.

The “Big P”

This baby was 6 levels and we ran up each incline with Merkins x 10 at each level.

At the top, continual run down to the bottom.

Regroup at the Wanka-vator.  Everybody in!  People’s chair back to the top (Level 6).  Run down to Level 5.

Take the stairs back to the bottom.  Mosey to opposite stairs and run back up (Level 6).

Jog to Wanka-vator and People’s chair on the ride down.  Mosey out to Spring St.

Mosey up Spring St.  Lunge Walk up hill.  Stop and do Mountain Climbers x 10.

COP for 6 MOM, Q’d by IceMan.

Bicycles, Russian Twists, Flutters, Popsicles, Rosalitas.

Mosey back towards starting point.  STOP!  Derkins x 10 on wall.

Back to base camp.


COT & Closing Prayer



  • We continue to have three PAX hobbled by knee injuries.  Lifting you guys up in prayer.
  • We also lift up OLB’s family as we know they are greiving.
  • IceMan and OD will be racing Spartan this weekend.  Stay Warm!
  • Somebody needs to EH DoubleFault.  Where are you, brother?

F3SwampRabbit has a team for the BRR!  Need 7 more hard commits.  $129 per runner.  Forrest is the first and only to pay!!!

Next Workout:  Legacy on 03/23/13 at 07:00


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