Just Like Old Times

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Houdini, Weedwacker, Slim, Spongebob, Caviar, Twerkin, SanDiago, Iceman
  • AO -

8 Men posted at #MainThang for an old fashioned #beatdown. I don’t get downtown as much any more so it was good to see so many familiar faces….

The Thang:

SSH x10 – I coalesced to @Houdini’s disapproving body language and cut these short
Derkins x10
Squats x10

Let’s mosey….

Stop at Main and McBee – Dan Taylor x3
Stop at Main and Washington – Jack Webb x3
Mosey – at this point, @Caviar comes flying in from behind. He wasn’t with us at warmup but quickly caught up to us.
Stop at Main and North – Dan Taylor x4
Stop on Main between North and Beattie – Jack Webb x4 (using chairs for shoulder presses)
Mosey (Left on Beattie)
Stop at Beattie and Richardson – Freddie Mercury x20
Mosey (Left on Richardson)
Stop at Richardson and North – Dan Taylor x4
Mosey to Grace Church

7’s – Smurpees and big boy sit ups
Smurpee = 4 smurfjacks : 1 burpee
LBC 2.0 until everyone finished

Mosey down Richardson, Left on Broad
Stop on the backside of the Peace Center – Jack Webb x5
Mosey behind the Peace Center to Wyche Pavilion

Dragon flags x20
Peoples chair x1min

Mosey to the rails by the river
P1 x10 supine pullups
P2 chilcutt until P1 done
rinse and repeat 4x

Up the stairs to Main st, then AYG back to the flag


Naked Moleskin
– Man I miss downtown – the guys, the AO. Gotta find a way to post more often at EE
– You had to be there but what a deep conversation this morning about…….whether hotdogs and hamburgers should be considered sandwiches #deepthoughts
– Also had guys questioning by bedroom cadence #webcam??
– I was #wardaddy until @DoubleWindsor #respect and @SoulPlane #dblrespect joined us for COT

Prayer Requests
– @Slim as deals with home remodeling headaches
– @Houdini for his friend with pregnancy complications
– The midlands and coastal areas as they continue the recovery efforts from the flood

– Support Let There Be Mom – 10/22 http://lettherebemom.org/
– Support the Hope Relay – 11/14 http://hoperelay.org/
– Be on the lookout for details regarding our Fall party

See ya in the gloom…


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