Just get it over with

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  • Workout Date - 08/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Playdoh, iTunes, Kipper The Dog, Belfort, Stitch, Wally, Perry Mason, NSA, Biofreeze
  • AO -

YHC was worried when the Station PAX started talking about opting out of train burpees for something, anything, easier now that the AO has been around for a year. YHC was sure that’s not the kind of men the Greer PAX are, so he made his voice heard and was glad to see that train burpees live on for another year! Over the course of the last year, YHC developed a pavlovian response to trains, feeling a sense of dread whenever he hears one (even during times other than the gloom). As a result, he has unwittingly developed an ultrasensory ability allowing him to feel the rumble of the trains well before the whistle blows. Sensing the 2 impending trains well before the rest of the PAX heard the whistle, he advised them to “just get it over with already.”


-15 imperial walkers, IC
-10 merkins, IC


Mosey around the pond to the gazebo
11s with pull-ups and jump-squats

Mosey around pond stopping at first swing to do 5 merkins, at the next do 10, at the next do 15, at the next do 20, at the next do 15, at the next do 10, and end with 5 at the last swing.

Mosey up the stairs behind pond (no Playdoh, no Joe today) and down Cannon to E. Arlington. Stop at the rock wall to perform 30 dips. Train

Cross Main and continue mosey down W. Arlington and take a left through the field behind the playground onto MUMC campus. Grab a coupon and perform the following builder:
1 man maker, 1 overhead squat at the top of the man maker
2 man makers, 2 overhead squats at the top of the 2nd man maker
3 man makers, 3 overhead squats
4 man makers, 4 overhead squats
5 man makers, 5 overhead squats

Mosey through MUMC campus, take a left on Ballenger, 15 GOOD diamond merkins
Take a right on W. Church, 15 GOOD diamond merkins
Take a left on Miller, 15 GOOD diamond merkins
Take a left on W. Poinsett, 15 GOOD diamond merkins
Stop at ledge at Few and W. Poinsett, 20 derkins

Continue mosey down W. Poinsett to park entrance. Stop to do burpees until 6 catches up.
20 derkins at park entrance.

Mosey to big fountain for Mary.


-25 Oblique LBCs, IC
-30 LBCs, OYO
-50 plank shoulder touches, OYO
-20 Xs and Ox, IC


-Tclaps to iTunes, who made sure he got in all the reps with good form. This guy was really pushing himself today and YHC loved it!

-YHC looked around during the mosey searching for Kipper several times today. “Kipper, what are you doing back there with your hands on your knees? You alright dude?” Apparently someone let the dog get into the beer last night…

-YHC is truly blessed to have these men help him start his day. The Station PAX are a hell of a unit, and one of the best things to ever come into YHC’s life


-Prayers for Lizard Lick’s fam with the birth of their daughter
-Prayers for Spring Break’s son and their family dealing with meningitis diagnosis
-Prayers for Wally and his son on their drive to Florida
-Prayers for iTunes’ dad as his biopsy results were positive for cancer

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