Jump around! Burpees and Box Jumps

  • Workout Date - 10/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spring Break
  • The PAX - Bio Freeze, Goose, Grr, Blue Hawaii, Slick Willy, Kipper the Dog, Erector, Perry Mason, Cockroach, Spring Break
  • AO -

YHC was feeling a bit under the weather this morning and contemplated calling in sick. Felt much better post-workout and, as always, did not regret getting out of the sack. 9 other men joined in for what turned out to be a leg and chest burner.

50 Degrees and clear skies = Perfect

Warm Up
Train! (#TheStation, drop for 10 burpees)

Not warm enough, keep going:
SSH IC x20
Tempo Merkins IC x10 (down for 3 count up for 1)
Windmill IC x10
Mountain Climbers IC x15

Mosey to lake and partner up.
Catch me if you can with x2 burpees between sprints. 3 Laps Total (Goose made sure he wasn’t doing any burpess and took off!)

Mosey to island for partner pullups. 30 total between partners.

Small group indian run to amphitheater. (Divide into 2 groups of 5)
Some pax were upset that we didn’t get to do Joe Hendricks up the stairs. Upon arrival to the amphitheater, their wish was granted.

Joe Hendricks up left side of amphitheater, lunge walk across top level, bear crawl down right side. Mosey to bottom.

8 levels total in amphitheater. Start at bottom and begin with 5 box jumps, move to second level for 5 dips, next level 10 box jumps, next level 10 dips, etc. Continue to 20 of each. (“You’re crazy!”) #mumblechatter Works out to 50 total of each workout. #legburner

Mosey to fountain for Wave of Merkins. Goal was 10, made it to 7. #shoulderburn

Hey, the fountain turned on! 5 more burpees.  Lol  #whynot

Final workout before Mary. Mosey to top of amphitheater for People’s Chair. Hold squat position while 1 pax shuffles to side, runs down stairs, karaoke across bottom, run up stairs, shuffle back to wall and wait for all pax to complete.

Running out of time, let’s end with Captain Thor. Made it to 4, then…
Wait, was that a car? Nope. Train! We started with burpees, we end with burpees! 10 to take us out.

Great job men! Honored to lead this morning.

-Spring Break

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