Johnny 5 is Alive

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  • Workout Date - 12/06/2016
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - Johnny 5, Alfred, BioFreeze, ITunes, Wally, Erector, Almond Joy, "The" Bob Barker #Respect, Perry Mason, & Grrr.
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YHC took to the Twitter to gently nudge #callout some Greer PAX new & old. Did not want to suffer in the cold by myself. Good thing The Station is the #CadillacAO #CountryClubAO for there is cover to shade from the elements.

YHC was astonished to see two of the original Site Q’s show this AM. Johnny 5 slipped out of Pitch Fork territory under the cover of darkness and Alfred left the warm confines of the Bat Cave. So I guess you could say the Ghost of Christmas Past visited The Station today.

Warm Up

Work Out
Mosey to entrance of City Hall
Everyone grab a brick column
Peoples Chair while each PAX Bear Crawls to the end of line.
Mosey to Picnic Shelter

Tabata- 20 seconds on & 10 seconds rest(4 exercises, 2 rounds, 3 sets w/ lap around Speedway in between)
Set 1
-Jump Squats
-Single Leg Lunge
-Russian Twist
Set 2
-Mountain Climbers
-Plank Shoulder Touches
-Single Leg Lunge
-Heels to Heaven
Set 3
-High Knees
-Box Jumps

Pull Ups x 20 OYO
Picnic Bench Press x 15 IC
Al Gore Lunge X 20
Derkins x 15
Diamond Derkins x 15
Bobby Hurley’s x 20

Dealer Choice- Each PAX picks

-Bio’s Friend
-Eve Mills Cancer
-Guys w/ Injuries

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