Joey Bag o' Hendricks

  • Workout Date - 12/15/2014
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Glee, Slapchop, Zipit, Radar, Bartman, Earthmover, Martino (Martina?), Epee, 00
  • AO -


The Burbs is a fun place. To illustrate how fun it is, I’ve presented you with a map, complete with four corners of pain. To reward those PAX who are posting in the cooler weather, I think the Qs owe it to the PAX to bring it. After having a brief conversation with Bartman in Mandarin, we got down to business. (“Welcome Back, William Hung, er, Bartman”).

Smurfjacks, Mountain Climbers, IW, all x20 IC, I think

Run to the portable to retrieve the blocks, place the blocks on corner four for later, run to station one, for the beginning of four corners.

Lap 1 –
(1) Merkins x 15 IC
(2) Merkins x 10 IC
(3) Low, slow squat x 10 IC
(4) Superset – Everyone cycles through for a Joe Hendricks. If you are not on the stairs, you are doing a high low plank count (for some reason named a Makhtar N’Dyiae or something) until everyone finishes

Lap 2 –
(1) 10 Burpees OYO
(2) 10 Burpees OYO
(3) LSS again, maybe, can’t remember. This workout was done on the fly and by feel.
(4) Superset – Everyone does a leg exercise of their choosing (e.g., deadlift, squat), with the block, unless performing the required Joe Hendricks. Joe Hendricks and blocks make an appearance at all my Qs, based on my early traumatic experiences at my first few workouts.

Lap 3 –
(1) 10 Fairyjacks OYO
(2) 10 merkins IC
(3) LSS maybe. I get hazy on the third station since I look forward to Joe Hendricks so much.
(4) Repeato of lap 2. Everyone seems burned to a crisp on the Joe Hendricks, so we call it a day for the four corners.

Sensing that the PAX probably don’t want any more arm exercises, we head down to the gym for a Core Dora. Partner up, and then 100 Makhtars (high low plank, down-up is 1); 200 flutters (double count); 300 in and outs. The in and outs were brutal, and took us all the way to the jailbreak to the Circle.

Given the Joe Hendricks, I dedicated this workout to Houdini.

Lessons Learned:
1) Trying to retrieve the Ghost Flag on the weekend is against the rules. I was not consulted on these rules, and I think they are dumb. Driving to Anderson during the week is a terrible idea, and I think the Ghost Flag is probably staying there into 2016 or so. (Foreshadowing?)
2) Not everyone loves Joe Hendricks like I do.
3) Bartman has delicate elbows. After one round of Makhtars, he started doing his in the grass.
4) I also have delicate elbows, after doing way too many Makhtars on the pavement.
5) I don’t care enough to check the spelling of Makhtar.
6) Let’s push it during the winter. You can gain a lot of ground on everyone not willing to get out of the fartsack.

COT/BOM: Steve Bailey, Member of MRPC, cancer surgery today.

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