Joe Hendrix Came to Town

  • Workout Date - 09/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - Risky Business, Alright Alright
  • The PAX - BAM, Chunky, Roosevelt, Risky Business, Alright Alright
  • AO -

Risky Business inadvertently called for his VQ at a Thursday Nomad, and 5 PAX answered the call in the Gloom.  Then the visiting Q taught the PAX from Winston a thing or two.  It went something like this:


SSH x20

IST x20

Mountain CLimbers x10

Monkey Humpers x10

Cobra Humpers x10

Merkins x10

——Mosey to amphitheatre

7eleven Amphitheatre

7’s with lunges, between sets of lunges run a lap around amphitheatre

11’s of dips and LBC’s, between sets…Joe Hendrix (aka reverse bear crawl) up the stairs (feet above your hands) alternating with box jumps up the stairs

——-Reverse Peloton to Parking Deck between Marshall and Cherry with a pause at the local fern (fka The Rush) for 5 Burpees OYO

Parking Deck…o-rama…+Mary

At first turn Rosalita x10 (courtesy of YHC)

Apollo Creed to second turn

Low Flutter x10 (Risky Business)

Apollo Creed to third turn

Freddie Mercury x12 (BAM)

Karaoke to fourth turn

Peter Parker x12 (Chunky)

Karaoke to fifth turn

Low Dolly x12 (Roosevelt)

Back pedal to top

Homer to Marge (YHC)

Apollo Creed down to turn

Flutter x12 (Risky Business)

Apollo Creed down

Parker Peter x12 (BAM)


Ski abs x9 (Chunky)


Russian Twist (Roosevelt)

—–Mosey to Parking Lot

COT-Risky Business took us out thanking God for the ability to gather together and exercise


This was a great workout.  #Tclaps to Risky Business for bringing some creativity.  The amphitheatre could be an AO all by itself, as could the parking deck.  And now YHC knows that the parking deck is indeed dirtier than any pile of mud that we typically roll around in and crawl through.

Not much mumblechatter during the 7eleven sponsored portion other than BAM making a comment about Dental Insurance being a requirement for the Joe Hendrix.

We learned in the parking deck that BAM is actually faster running backwards than forwards.  He has been challenged to run backwards with the Tractors tomorrow.

According to BAM “12 is the new 10”, so that’s what we did. #Tclaps to BAM for making us do a couple extra reps.

All in all, a great way to get some exercise on a Thursday.  #Tclaps to Risky Business for the call.


5 thoughts on “Joe Hendrix Came to Town”

  1. Risky business brought it. I’m thinking he’s our new Thursday Q.

    We did learn that if you find yourself doing exercises on the ground in a parking deck, the part where the cars drive is WAAAYY cleaner than than the raised curb area. This evidently collects all the exhaust, crud, and weird stuff, and because typically nobody walks, let alone lays down in this area, it goes undisturbed.

    If you’re damp with sweat when you lay down on this, it sticks really well. And I’m sure there might some carcinogens that leached into our system.

    Good times, good times.

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