Joe Hendricks World Tour (actually just Greer, but still….)

  • Workout Date - 10/18/2018
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - Lt Sunshine, Almond Joy, The Muff, Grrr, Emeril, Wally, Perry Mason, Courtesy Flush, Traffic Jam (kotters!), Training Wheels, Levar Burton,
  • AO - The Station

12 men answered the alarm, shook off the chill, and assembled in the pre-dawn gloom to eagerly await the workout that YHC had twitted about the day before.     In a brilliant move of reverse psychology, YHC had promised an easy-peasy workout of semi-vigorous arm circles, star gazers and deep breathing exercises.   Little did those gullible saps know that a beatdown was in store.



15 windmills IC

20 imperial walkers IC

10 low and slow squats (AJ didn’t seem to think that they were so slow)

Let’s mosey

The Thang:

Mosey down to the set of steps leading up from the park to Cannon Street, and Joe up the steps (JH #1).      Back pedal up Cannon to the intersection of Jason and drop for 20 merkins.    Merkins complete,  mosey up Jason to Main, and check up in the parking lot at the intersection for (something – cant remember what we did here).     “Something” completed, Pax mosies over to Memorial Methodist and  Joes up the steps in front of the Church (JH#2).    Joe complete, all head over to the Church parking where all Pax are told to get a block.   Some headscratching ensues when the Pax realizes that we’re not going to do the traditional dora, but instructions are given, and all Pax begin to work

10 squats with block (block held at chest and not goblet squats)

20 single count lunges

10 block deadlifts

5 squats with block held overhead

Rinse and repeat all.     YHC purposely kept the block work leg-centric, knowing what was yet in store.      Blocks put away after the brief leg-blast, mosey up Church street to Few and drop in the intersection for another “something” to keep the Pax grouped together.    Something completed, mosey to large front entrance steps at First Baptist for……you guessed it – Joe Hendrick #3.     Pax instructed to Joe up, lunge walk across the front entrance and bear crawl down the steps on the other side (sidenote – bear crawling down steps is awkward, and there was some mumblechatter about potential dental claims).       Joe #3 complete, assemble in the parking lot for a short 4 corners consisting of something (I really can’t remember – by this time I was making it up as I went).      Time is getting short, so all mosey down Poinsett, stopping along the way to regroup and do something else, and finally on to the park entrance for 20 SC step-ups (memory comes back to me at this point).     Mosey to the circle for a few brief minutes of Mary, but wait!!!!!  Just enough time for 10 quick burpees, 3 rounds of Mary and we’re done.




Clearly a lot of pre-planning went into this workout.    Truthfully, I had the idea of grouping all of our Joe spots up into one workout and adding some block work to engage the legs, but everything else was whatever came to mind at the time

4 corners got very awkward with some extremely close side straddle hops with some weird, intense eye-contact

Prayers for Traffic Jam as he and fam prepare for a relocation to Virginia (kotters and goodbye in the same workout?)

Prayers for NAPA and family

Other prayers mentioned but unfortunately forgotten (wonder if I should see somebody about the memory thing?) and of course, unspoken needs

Thanks for the opportunity to lead gents – as always, I hope the workout was up to the level of your abilities.

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