Joe Hendricks and Donkey Kicks

  • Workout Date - 05/16/2017
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Wax On, Kindergarten Cop, Jinxy, Spandex, Kilowatt, iTunes, GRRR, Biofreeze (Kotters), Alfred, Mr. Head, SA, Wally, Cockroach, Slick Willy, Perry Mason
  • AO -

15 men at the Station for some throw back exercises.

We went old school and circled up in the grass for the first time in a long time:

SSH x 20

Run a lap around the circle


Run a lap

Arm circles

Mosey towards the asphalt circle for an Indian Run down Cannon, stopping at Poinsett for some LBCs. Mosey towards Greer 1st Baptist to get started.

The Thang

Joe Hendricks up the stairs, lunge walk across the top, crab walk down the other side, and inch worm back to the starting line. Plank until everyone finishes, then rinse and repeat.

Cross the street for another Indian Run down Miller and right on Church, stopping to do exercises while we wait on the six. Cross back over Main Street to the intersection by the Spinning Jenny for hub and spoke. The spokes were:

25 donkey kicks
25 corkscrews (left side)
25 hand release merkins
25 corkscrews (right side)

No exercises in the hub because of the higher reps, which actually made it suck worse because you did not get to break up the running. As the lead group was finishing up, YHC called out for a round two. Yet when I came back towards the hub after the donkey kicks, I see most of the PAX standing around or doing squats. Seems GRRR led a mutiny. But order was quickly restored, and round two was done, with the early finishers helping the six knock out the last spoke. Mosey to the playground for Mary on the mat.


Rosalita x 15, then drop down for
Dolly x 15

Erectors x 15

Plank shoulder touches x 20

Then trying to hold your right hand and left foot off the ground, then flap jack. Sneaky hard, at least for YHC. Drop down to your bows for 20 hip dips.

Naked Moleskin

GRRR is organizing a fundraising effort for a woman in our community who lost her husband and is now having to raise their two small children and finish construction of their house. We are looking for cash donations and will also be offering help with moving or other manual labor as needed. This is the type of service F3 prepares us for, and everyone try to remember to bring cash for gift cards to the Station.

Jackalope June 3.

Go Ruck custom event June 10, with firearms training June 9.

GRR is putting together a Station team for the P200 next year. Alfred is in, so do not listen to him when he tries to joke around about not doing it. But Alfred will need some help. Let GRRR know if you are interested.

Prayers for Jinxy as his family pursues an adoption.
Prayers for the family of a high school friend of Kilowatt’s who passed away.
Prayers for work issues.

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