Joe Dora

  • Workout Date - 07/12/2017
  • Q In Charge - Abacus
  • The PAX - Partner, Waterboy, BOGO, Beanie Weenie, 12th Man, Keystone, Mr. Belding, Stable boy, Karaoke, Fender Bender, FNG (Forest Hump), Abacus (QIC)
  • AO -

Despite the pre-workout teaser that 12th man put on the vine, the vacation season and humidity seemed to be stronger forces as 12 PAX, including 1 FNG that showed up looking lost for the Joe Dora workout. It was soon discovered the FNG track star’s look of confusion was sourced by his lack of familiar faces because the people he called friends abandoned him this morning (cc: Half Nelson & Pebbles). #wheresjames

12th man started the workout with some #huuuugechanges for the Hurricane Alley PAX. News so big that it just not right to share on public forum for the migrating PAX out there that want the juice w/o the squeeze. cc: FDIC


  • Side straddle hop, IC x20
  • Imperial Walker, IC x20
  • Merkin, IC x15
  • Windmill, IC x20


Due to the ongoing construction activities happening at HA – YHC had to modify plans and eliminate pull-ups as the area was deemed unsafe for an FNG.

Mosey to block pile for withdrawal and then mosey to concrete bleachers with coupon for a Joe Dora. Pair up.

  • 100 Foot release squats w/ block
  • 200 Block Curls
  • 200 Dips
  • 100 OH Block Presses (or as some PAX like to taunt with mumble chatter “the air press w/ block”)

While partner does Joe Hendrix on the stairs, climbing 7 stairs. Or PAX could substitute with 5 burpees to keep the concrete free of blood.

Mosey over to opposite side of HA to metal bleachers for a failed attempt of a Racoon Walk. YHC obviously read the Exicon incorrectly and attempted to do a crab walk across the narrow benches vs bear crawl. The elevated mumble chatter quickly let the YHC know the exercise instructions couldn’t have been right.

Mosey back to opposite side to retrieve our previously abandoned coupons. And let’s throw in a 21 gun salute before the mosey back to block pile. Then mosey back to flag.


I could tell our legs were sore from the Monday beatdown BOGO delivered, so…

  • Monkey Humpers, IC x15
  • Freddy Murcury, IC x20
  • Flutters, IC x20
  • LBC, IC x15

That’s a wrap.


Our new FNG was named Forest Hump to credit his love for running and loose commitments to show up on Wednesdays only. (Name subject to change)


  • 12th man delivered some very important HC news as the top of the beatdown – add this to prayers as well for all the PAX affected
  • The track is being resurfaced so starting Friday, the PAX will assemble in the gravel lot at 05:15 until resurfacing project is complete


  • Kelly Knight family
  • Beanie Weenie – Waterboy’s Dad’s cancer treatment
  • Tiny Dancer on Mission Trip – returns Saturday
  • Becky Downer family

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