Java Bolt Took It To The Track – Run For Thought Speed Work – Sushi Challenge!

  • Workout Date - 11/05/2014
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - WiFi, Sadiq, Macho Man, Sushi
  • AO -

Track running

Apparently four men did not get the memo that said it was OK to stay in the fartsack this morning and showed up at Java Bolt for a trip to the track.  Although Macho told YHC how much he hated track workouts, it was taken as the same way a middle school girl says she hates a middle school boy.  We know your really liked it!


One mile run to the middle school so Macho could exercise his hate demons out!

The Thang

4 x 800 meters at accelerated pace (3 min-4 min) with 400 meter in between.  It was dark, but navigating the track was not an issue as the flames from running so fast lit the way.

WiFi, Sadiq, Macho, and YHC took care of business and ran the last 800 as a team….pushing each other!

One mile back to Java Bolt with a lap around the parking lot to get the total run over 5 miles.  It almost ended too soon.

Last speed work before the RUN FOR THOUGHT this weekend.  Who will beat Sushi in the 5k challenge?  Donations will double for Ruckers and any PAX with an F3 logo that comes in ahead of Sushi.  Word on the street is that 1D is going to trip YHC at the start to give the PAX a fighting chance.  Calling out other AO’s who is going to show?



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