Jacobs Ladder + Cora Dora

  • Workout Date - 04/12/2018
  • Q In Charge - Double Windsor
  • The PAX - Crash, Earthmover, Hootie, Hot n Ready, Junk Bond, Libor, Rainbow Dash, Three Buck Chuck, Squints, Double Windsor
  • AO - Main Thang


30 x SSH in cadence
15 x Imperial Walker in cadence
10 x Merkins  in cadence
20 x Dips in cadence
10 x Derkins  in cadence

The Thang

Mosey to the mini park under the Church Street Bridge, down the trail to the large-ish grassy hill near the bottom.

Standard Jacobs Ladder but with a minor modification:

  • Bear crawl up
  • Do burpee 1 (up to 7)
  • Bear crawl down

This turned out to be more effort than I thought.  I guess it depends on what part of the hill you used.

Mosey to the retaining wall near the parking garage.

10 x Man ups
Balls to the wall until the Q gets tired
10 x Man ups.  (arms near failure after the bear crawls and balls to the wall)

Mosey to the parking lot nearby for Cora – Dora.  A standard Dora 1-2-3 but with all core exercises, since we’ve already got the arms covered.

100 x LBC
200 x Heels to Heaven
300 x Flutters (single count turned out to be a good choice after the heels to heaven)

Mosey back toward peace center, on the way stop for 20 squats, since we have neglected our legs today.

At peace center 30 more squats in cadence, slowing down at the end to maximize the burn.


  • Prayers for Squint’s friends who lost a child.
  • Main Thang Tee Shirts are being made, contact Crash with your size.
  • We are going to start a Fellowship of the Thang, FOT for short. Every Thursday from 4-6 pm at Mac’s Speed Shop, drop in for a beer, conversation , laughter, etc. etc. etc.  It is across from baseball stadium…


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