Jack (Webb) and the Beanstalk

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  • Workout Date - 10/23/2014
  • Q In Charge - 1040
  • The PAX - Risky Business, Samsonite, Updyke (Harvey), Zima, Bubba Gump, 1040 (YHC)
  • AO -


Six men rose from the fartsack an extra 15 minutes early to enter the 39 degree gloom and get their day started off right.

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Squatting Air Presses x 15 (4ct)
Mountain Climbers x 15 (4 ct)
Merkins x 10 (DC)

The Thang:
Mini Beast – one lap around the Peace Center stopping at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 to do Merkins x 10.
25 Smurf Jacks at top of Peace Center steps. Reverse and get 5 burpees in at the same 3 stops.

Mosey to One City Plaza (formerly Piazza Bergamo)
Partner Up (size doesn’t matter) P1 does 1 exercise, P2 does second & flapjack.
Round 1: Low & Slow Dips x 10, Low & Slow Squats x 10
Round 2: Derkins x 10, High Box Jumps x 10 (or low box jumps x 15)

Mosey to Richardson Garage and mosey up the stairs (Beanstalk) to the top.
Once at the top, circle up for Modified Jack Webb (need a name)
Instead of merkins & air presses, insert Carolina Dry Docks & Plank Shoulder Touches
1 CDD & 4 Plank STs up to 5 & 20  #crowdpleaser

Mosey back down to OCP and repeat partner exercises (Dips,Squats,Derkins,Box Jumps)

Climb back up the beanstalk and arrive at the top for some good ole traditional Jack Webb up to 5.

Mosey back to OCP, back down Main, left on McBee, Right on Spring, Right on Broad to Greenville News Building for some 7s.  Muscle-ups & Little Baby Squat Jumps

Jailbreak to home base for some 5 MOM.
Backscratchers x 15
LBCs x 20
Russian Twists x 15
Freddie Mercury x 20
Flutters x 20

Announcements: Anderson launched last Saturday – continue to support this AO.
Fall Party 11/1 – contact Iceman

Prayer Requests:
Risky Business & his family as this week marks the 7 year anniversary of his father’s passing.
LIBOR’s family and continued healing

It was a pleasure to lead the PAX at the Early Edition this morning. Thanks for coming out even with the cooler temps. Please continue to attend and hold others accountable as we move into the colder weather. Also continue to step up and Q workouts. It really is a good time. I’ll close with a quote that I really liked from @SpongeBob that he used in a backblast last week. “Remember, if you practice doing things you don’t HAVE to do, it makes it easy and bearable to be prepared when life throws you obstacles you HAVE to face.”


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